beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Achieved today

... discovering the thing won't work counts as achieving?

I wanted to put the flat front bits on base of the bookshelves, so they're actually attached this time.
I instead discovered why I didn't do that already.
I think I have all the parts. I found the plastic bits and I think I identified the correct screws probably. But there's no holes for the screws and I don't have the means of making them.

While looking for the bits I spilled the entire contents of the screws box, which actually has a lot more many sorts of screws and little nails and things, so I have picked them all up off the floor and gone over the floor carefully with a torch and all and very probably have no pointy metal on the floor now probably. But I got to sort them into types, so that's nice.

I also discovered 8 bottle openers and corkscrews, which for some reason I had put in the same box, possibly in the 90s. I never did open bottles with bottle openers or corkscrews, so only 90s me knows why. But now those are gathered ready to donate, so that's nice.

I've moved the shelves back where I've been keeping them. I know if I just prop the thingy under the shelf then it'll work fine, because it has been for some decades. I just kind of wanted to do properly like a grown up this time.

I also definitely don't have the tools for putting shelves up, let alone the skills, and I still don't know what's wrong with the bed or how to fix it.

But I do know what's actually in my tool boxes now, so, that part helps.

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