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My dreams are well trained

I mean my dreams turn into the kind of adventures one could call nightmares pretty much always, but having been used to this for a really long time, I have devised a number of strategies that work even while asleep.

Today: stepping back into a different point of view and noping right out of there.

There had been some kind of global catastrophe and the world needed more hero than it had, but cracks in the world had opened up, leading to places with other rules. One running along our old railway line led into Dream, and everything is possible in Dreams. So a hero lady, tall and fair, went in to retrieve something that would help everyone. Well, she wasn't tall or particularly pretty on the way in, but fair translates into fair once you're in dreams, and she can be tall if she wants to. So she strides in all determined... and immediately gets sidetracked by her other, regular, hearts desire. Who is a very attractive man but not immediately helpful to saving the world. But after a bit of distraction she wrenches the dream back on track by calling this an offering to beings that can help her do what she needs to. Only then the cast of the dream changed and it was suddenly a short, sweaty, unshaven version of Loki, who didn't ask before taking activities to a much further base.

Dream interrupted to switch points of view to someone outside the Dream and start complaining that this wasn't what I wanted from my day, I was hoping to avoid things that needed those warnings, thanks.

My subconscious is so well trained.

But then a golden lady, tall and fair for reals now, strode right out of Dream with a sword at her hip. Big celebrate time. When asked what it could do, she drew it, and became some kind of armoured up Supergirl. Actually Supergirl wearing Marvel's Angela's armour over the top? Which ends up looking very She-Ra, with the head wings, and lots of glittering gold metal. Kind of a colder more distant version though. So everyone was super happy they had a superhero to handle the crisis, but she also explained, there was a cost. Once this sword is drawn, she is no longer your daughter, she is the Dream of a Superhero, and she needs must keep the blade bared until she has done battle. So every time she can call on this power only by giving up herself, because the Dream she embodies is how people think of superheroes, and the general public don't spend much time on the secret identity part, or consider it important, or leave room for it in a new hero. And obviously she's got to be a bit careful about when she draws, or she'll stay golden a really, really long time.

So that was kind of cool, but what is even with my subconscious, adding non-con to an origin story? Or doing deals with gods? No thank you, ladies can manage without that stuff.

I have been reading and watching entirely the wrong things lately and even my dreams stop to crit that garbage. I mean I stop reading or watching once it gets clear it's made of bad bit, but still. Too much.

I also dreamed I could turn into pokemon. Is there a really big tortoise one? Not the little blue one, a really big brown and gold tortoise that makes the world shake BOOM BOOM with every step. Well, more tortoiseshell really, lovely burnished brown patterns on top and something too metallic to call aged ivory underneath. And I could transform whenever I wanted, so I could run places when I was human shaped, because I was a whole lot faster running or bicycling as a human than I was as giant tortoise pokemon, and then when I got to a road I could be giant armoured dude so even if there's cars it's not a problem cause I'm bigger and tougher than they are anyway.

Well, not than an artic or something, but in general, bigger than quite a lot of small cars.

I think as dreams go that's a winner.

Also there was a dream where humans were testing an FTL drive and the AI in charge of the tests was told to clear the area of humans before it fired and it did. But that left half a dozen of us who it knew perfectly well were not human. All of us interested because the drive didn't use any of the known tricks. But it was heating up ready to fire, and we were going to be so very screwed if we weren't sheltered by then, so the AI sprayed us with layers of protective foam and lead coated them for shielding and was busy building in life support but we had to tell our species for it to have a hope of getting that part right. So we all got these species specific cocoons, foaming us in, leaving us breathing through tiny tubes, waiting and hoping the shielding would be enough and the AI would feel like ever letting us out again.

So that part was less fun.

But, like, half the other aliens were pokemons? So the AI had to figure out how to shelter the Charmander without putting its tail out? I don't know how a Charmander goes around pretending to be human chaped, probably some kind of technological holographic capability.

My dreams are the weirdest place.

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