beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Dear earlier self: Staying up late, while a time tested activity under normal circumstances, does not work quite the same way when there are roadworks.
Because roadworks start as early as noise laws allow them to.
With big drillings.


So! Bright and early, I started the day with trying to return phone calls.
(Wow do I not like phone calls.)

... neither phone nor text will actually work on the number necessary.
... I shall have to email, even though their email pattern suggests they check it when they get home from work.
... *sigh again*

Right, I'll just get on with the LibraryThing parts of life. It will give me a sense of order emerging from chaos.

... it would make a lot more sense to get someone to finish fixing the shelves first, before I fill them with books, but since that has been on the jobs list most of the year and has not been sorted out yet, well.

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