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Ant Man. Ugh.

I got Ant Man for xmas so I just now watched it.

It was bad in exactly the ways I expected it to be from discussions.

Everything involving use of powers, all the stuff with the ants, the whole shrunk world thing, that was beautifully done, interesting, inventive.

Anything to do with plot or characterisation?


I'm making faces. They are not good faces. Epic blergh.

I can see how someone set out to be funny, and done even slightly different it might have been funny sometimes, but on the whole, nope, blergh.

And the whole... anything to do with women?

We got whole numbers of seconds of Director Carter on screen and she wasn't driving the scene. The hell?

People were absent that 100% needed to not only be there but have it be their film.

Tiny child chosen for age of helpless cuteness? Restricts later possibilities. Or makes them *much* later.

And Hope? I couldn't understand at any point why she needed to go wait on permission from men to save the day. It made no sense, when she was the one with the skills and the plan who even saw there was a problem in the first place. This wasn't just sexism, this was a plot hole I could see no fix for. Idiocy.

The only bit I paid any attention to was when they were at the Avengers facility that was previously seen filming at my university. Which they did by pasting in the UEA in the background and making up another building to film at, for some reason. Aerial views expanded the facility in ways not consistent with the UEA and made it pretty clear the location was America just like the screen said before. But I still think it would be better to put the new international edition Avengers in Norfolk. *sulks* ... that is a silly sulk, quite distinct from the epic annoyance at the actual serious issues.

Treatment of ethnicity in this movie... ugh. I mean, lining up a diverse cast solely so they're the butt of jokes meant to make a white guy look cool? I could spit.

So, movie didn't surprise me, and I'm unlikely to rewatch it later.

But hey, xmas present, mum likes it when we have something to unwrap.

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