beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Why so tired?

Aside from 'December' which is probably a complete reason. Ugh.

It is one of those woke up exhausted days, and yet it may be the one day a month that talking to other humans might happen if I can drag myself to Norwich. But then again it may not because the Monday reminder text didn't happen and it's December and it's definitely no the science fiction group so maybe it's not the other group? I can't remember. And my typo rate is ridiculous. Logically I could text the group organiser and find out, but mostly I want to go back to sleep, even though that is how I spent the whole morning.


Dreamt a bunch of stuff, including being the leader of a political party that most people consider the lunatic fringe but we were doing really well on council elections and expected to get an MP real soon now. We were also getting the most votes for our money, like our campaign finances looked like we could barely scrape up cash to run, but many votes happened. So people grudgingly invited us to planning meetings so they could find out how we were doing it.

Also Idris Elba was going to replace teh Queen. I don't know, that part seemed reasonable at the time. I only objected because really, do we need a boss? A big shiny boss person of splendour and all our cash? Really? But hey, okay, replace the whole royal family with Idris Elba, why not, that would probably save a few quid.

Then there was a bit where I accidentally swallowed a microphone and Lindsey McDonald had to choke me to get it out again. Fun.

Dream party's policies though made the most sense out of the whole dream. Like, our basic proposal was in three parts: Citizens Basic Income for everyone, Voting reform (so more small parties get their say), and community engagement on a new model that isn't charity.
See then you get everyone having enough money to live on so they can get involved with politics if they want to, you have actual representation of people's views all up and down the system, and the idea that people should help people isn't confined to chucking small money at charity shops a couple times a year and wondering why things don't work better. I mean volunteers are awesome, don't get me wrong, but there's more work than volunteers to do it, and the skills don't match, and really, the government sitting back and thinking people will help other people in the absence of capitalism's incentives is just a way of leaving the help to not happen and feeling like it's someone else's fault. Community engagement should mean everyone expects to be helpful to other people sometimes and it isn't all clumped up out of sight. That would be nifty.

Asleep dreams don't have to worry how to do culture shift, they just do it.

Social group tonight has gone wobbly. The group organiser just texted to say they won't be there, but we can have a group without her if we want? That sounds reasonable and yet I could stay here and sleep some more.

If I go I have to start at three for a group that starts at five and only lasts an hour, and then I get the bus back in the dark. At least four hours outside for one hour of conversation. Where I attempt to be interested in humans and sound interesting even though nothing ever happens.


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