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Comics: SHIELD: Perfect Bullets

This is shiny. I am probably going to give it five stars on LibraryThing.
It's just it's also confusing, or not confusing because comics so you just give up on canon that doesn't fit.

It's Agents of SHIELD Coulson, company many since after college, leading a team including May and FitzSimmons, doing a bit of a tour of 616 and showing how he and his fit in there.

His secret superpower is being an epic fanboy. The kind of fanboy who knows exactly how x could defeat y. He has them all memorised and can figure how to use diferent power sets, hero or villain, on an instant. And as a senior agent of SHIELD he can pull them all in on short notice to get things done, and they know and often like him. Like, he plays poker with Avengers, and wins. Everyone's friend and walking database full of clever tricks.
Obviously I can see the appeal of this setup.

The problem is I just finished reading Secret Avengers, which already has a 616 Phil Coulson, and he's an entirely different guy. Cheese, a Ranger in Afghanistan with best friend Marcus, joined SHIELD kind of later in life. Different history, different position within the organisation, different everything.

So this comic is great for new fans being brought in from the MCU, but it counts as a major retcon for 616 Coulson.

Which, this is comics, that happens. It's just frustrating? They've basically introduced him from scratch twice now.

... however I can see how the end of Secret Avengers could in fact lead to this exact effect, so, that's... kind of fun... *sigh*

Perfect Bullets only has Director Hill turn up a little, but it also features Agent May, Simmons with some backstory about her family, Valkyrie, Ms Marvel Kamala Khan, Scarlet Witch, and Sue Storm. Excellent choices. And they all get to show off a lot. Is good.

A great many characters only turn up for long enough to make you want to know more about them, and the whole thing is kind of an ad for 616, but in a good way. I mean I've only read Fraction's Hawkeye, six Secret Avengers trades since Reverie, one Captain Marvel and one Ms Marvel, so it's not like I have much background on 616, but it seemed to me the right balance of interesting to potential puzzling. I do indeed want to know more. And read more of this. So, win.

... is there more of this?
... how to find out is one of the things I'm fuzzy on. Thus far I find these things on the shelf in Waterstones or in the library, or read panels on tumblr.

My upstairs neighbour is doing their best to make me not like AC/DC, since they're blasting out 'Thunderstruck' on repeat. It actually takes a lot of work to put me off AC/DC but they may in fact be approaching that point. Ugh.

Also I need to leave the house to do late Sunday and buy chocolate brownies and bread and other essentials. But nope. That is a thing that has been persistently not happening all day.

Even when the alternative is music that is too damn loud even through the walls.

*big sigh*

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