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Buffy season 3 up to Consequences

The whole glitter collection of nail varnish has gone sadly wrong, won't set any more. Boo.
So now only 7/10 of fingernails have teh same colours as earlier cause the other 3 came off because of glitter.

Instead I have two different silvers and a silver bullet. That last one was a surprise, the rest of the 60 seconds formulas have gone wrong, but there it is set and shiny. yaays.

Watched more Buffy.
Faith gets to go through stuff so Buffy won't quite have to.
Back when Buffy hit Ted I was unsatisfied with how the story went sideways so Buffy didn't have to face up to it. But the topic would be returned to with another Slayer, Faith. And she gets no such save.
She's also an example of... I don't quite know how to say it concisely. Doing shit seems to be okay by the narrative as long as you own it. And even if everyone's pretty sure a thing was okay to do, you've got to feel bad enough about it first. Like, when Giles is talking to Buffy he is all reassuring, stuff happens, killing someone on accident isn't a big deal. Which? No? It is a bit of a big deal? But Buffy seems very aware of the badness, so that's all okay, all sorted.
Faith fails to feel bad about something that Buffy has been told is no big.
That's her initial fail. Fail to feel bad.
The way the incident is eventually dealt with, Faith was right about the practical stuff, she's a Slayer so the Watchers know mistakes happen and kind of ignore it and move on. But Faith is still in the wrong, because reasons.

When Faith assaulted Xander it felt to me like the story cheaping out again, even though I can see it as a plausible move on the power corrupts scale.
Like, initially, Faith and Buffy have done almost the same thing, right there together killing a guy on accident. Buffy's done roughly that before. There's a comparison.
But then Faith keeps going, so, Buffy remains the good girl cause she's never done that other stuff.

I'm unsatisfied with its answers on the first point.

Like, I don't think the Slayers should get private law, I don't think they should get a Watcher tribunal instead of the same law as everyone else, and earlier when Cordelia suggested they should then Willow said that would be fascism. So the Watchers doing that is consistent with their other attitudes. But the idea that the Watchers (morally bankrupt arseholes a couple episodes ago) or just Giles can say a death is just the kind of thing that happens in war and move on, that's super creepy.

Alternatives are impractical within the premise of the show.

But just deciding if your friend is a good or bad person and if good then their mistake that killed someone is all okay... there's a lot of problems in there.

So the way Faith's arc lets Buffy duck some questions bothers me.

But Faith has an interesting arc. Power corrupts. She can't trust anyone, because trust consistently leads to death, being sent into danger, betrayal, more death. She's not in fact wrong to reject the authority of the Watchers, what with the drugging and so forth. It's reasonable to consider them dangerous bastards. So her initial position of feeling very alone, pretty fair perception.
But Buffy and Angel try and reach out to her.
... Angel on the basis that he's killed people and it felt good too. I can' really, really see why she wouldn't exactly want to trust Angel on that basis.
And Buffy is who she's being compared to, who she'd heard of from across the country. Being different and being judged for it probably seem pretty close. And Buffy is as transparent as Faith when she's trying to lie, so when she initially wants nothing to do with Faith, it really shows. Faith guesses in Amends that her mum sent her and Buffy just lies about it but that probably didn't work so good. She only really gets sincere about that closeness for those two episodes, Bad Girls and Consequences. Want, take, have.

Faith lives in a motel room and we don't know where her money comes from or how much there is. She doesn't have a shiny weapons chest like Buffy. She hasn't had as much training as Buffy. She doesn't know how to use the weapon she stole. And things keep trying to kill her. She's kind of screwed.

Deciding to enjoy the ride? Pretty plausible.

This rewatch it struck me how young she is. She's trying to act mature but she's trying so hard it's painful. She's almost certainly younger than Buffy, given that 'every generation' thing. And she's got nothing left.

I'm pretty much mad at every adult around her.

Including Giles, who hasn't exactly bonded with her, or tried very hard to do so.

So there's telling a story all compare/contrast, and what mostly compares is young and Slayer, and behaviour is pretty much contrast. Plus there's this plausible slide where she's been utterly screwed over, lost, powerless, and here she is with power if she chooses to use it.

Which is not to let her off the hook for choosing team evil. Creepy choices. Lots, in a row, many of them neither hurried nor in the dark. She decided to avoid all bad feelings about herself by ignoring any hint of an idea she might be in the wrong. Wild ride while it lasts, but turning off the feedback leads to many problems. Since she has in fact screwed up and will in fact land herself in it if she continues to double down on that trajectory.

Evil, self defeating nature of.

I like the story raising all this stuff.

I'm remembering why I have like a foot of Buffy related essay/philosophy books.

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