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Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes Volume 8 The Finale

Needs More Women. Epically needs more women. It has a couple of different episodes where it calls in new Avengers or calls in 'everyone' and we still only get a couple seconds of Black Widow and Quake in the background. Maria Hill and the boss of Sword turn up briefly, Hill to complain she needs more coffee and the Sword boss for Yellowjacket to ignore and take the piss out of. Other than that, when the Avengers need more help, they call men. *sigh*

The Winter Soldier episode was full of feels and all 'you left me' and 'I won't leave you' and then he went away to sort his head out but when Cap needed him he answered the call. So yaays to all of that.
... feels and punching and another fight where it's Avengers vs Winter Soldier.

Then there was Avengers vs Hulk, who was slightly mind controlled for a while. They sorted out the Red Hulk storyline. I mostly fast forwarded on that one because the audience knows a bit more than the Avengers in the middle and waiting for them to catch up is boring. I did like that Hulk told them off for taking so long, cause I was just thinking that. But also the Hulk got a Presidential pardon and everyone knows he's a hero now, yaays.
I still say it's cheating to say on the back of the box and at the start of every episode FEATURING THE HULK and then have him as a speaking part in only one episode.

New Avengers was Tony sending out the 'if you see this we're dead' message and the replacements saving the world. Like I said, all men. Also, Spider Man already has a lot of his own cartoons, and Wolverine is everywhere, and the Fantastic Four are their own team, and why do we need to spend a whole episode with these guys and not some awesome new women we have the perfect excuse to call?

Operation Galactic Storm / Live Kree or Die wrapped up that whole Kree invasion story and gave everyone a turn being awesome. So that was cool.
The idea that humans genetics are uniquely malleable because they're on the verge of evolving is, you know, stupid, because evolution is always. But the idea that all these superpowers get soaked up because humans genetics are weird is one excuse for it, and shall make teh planet a target forever, so that's nice. And the bit about being a really good place to put a wormhole bus station made me think of Farscape, which is always fun.
Someone learning an important lesson from humanity and going back to revise the whole government of their empire would irritate me much less if T'Challa was the face of it and not Cap, you know? Like, sure, have the thing where people learn that invading their neighbours kind of sucks, but ffs have they not noticed that America is a very ironic place to learn this?

The last episode is everyone vs Galactus, where we get everyone we've met so far but very very briefly. And they threw Galactus somewhere he'd have all the foods and happily ever after. Um, but if he has all the foods and doesn't like us that doesn't sound like a great plan? But for a plan they had three minutes to put together it's pretty good.

I like how in the cartoons when they say they have say 6 minutes 20 seconds to save the sun they mean that's how long until the end of the episode. After that point they'll run it real time. Is fun.

Also is much easier to feel how superheroes come up with the plans that they do, if they have that little time to do it. Like when people ask Where Was X when something happened, the whole length of the battle takes less time than... cooking microwave chips or something, definitely less than getting to Norwich from here, so X could be on the loo and not turn up to help. Not always, some stories take longer, but that answer simples things up.

Now I've watched all 8: the boxes aren't honest about who is in them or how many women there are around. Jan and Carol cannot represent all women between them. And there were fewer women as they went along, which is Not Cool.
They introduced a bunch of black men, like T'Challa is core team if they ever remember to do anything with him, War Machine and Falcon and Power Man all turn up at different points, and of course there's Fury, but that's about it for ethnic diversity outside of random SHIELD agents. And again, it gets less diverse in random people as it goes along.

The stories rely far too much on Avengers vs Avengers fights.

But the way the whole 8 volumes / two seasons winds a couple of big over arching plots together and follows through on the threads is great fun. I wasn't convinced by the moment Stark was all 'this is what that time traveller warned us about', that seemed less satisfying than the earlier story, but it was consistent and interesting. And it was a lot like comics, the way stuff never really goes away and loops together and makes a very busy world.

But also just like comics it ducks all questions of oversight, who anyone answers to, responsibility, and just has people who criticise them turn out to be secretly evil. Which is pretty boring.

It skims the interesting stuff and you have to read pretty hard to find feelings in any of these people cause it's mostly fight fight fight scenes.

And this isn't a 'verse I'm likely to hang out in in my head, unlike the MCU and some corners of fanfic that pick and mix.

But I'm glad I bought them and will probably watch them again at some point.

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