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Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes Volume 7

This was sort of disappointing. When Carol was added to the team I thought she'd be as well as the other female characters we'd met, not instead of. But no, on this disc, we have Jan and Carol, with Amora on the bad guys side. There's a few images of Pepper but no actual Pepper. Jane isn't even mentioned. Mockingbird is missing, I think since the end of the first season. Black Widow same. Maria Hill and Quake are likewise nowhere. This disc is such a sausage fest. Snore.

Also it has Black Widow on the box but not in the episodes, and it says Featuring Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, but there is no Hulk. That's just plain cheating.

This still concentrates on the big fights, usually hero on hero, and is light on the character interactions I'd rather see more of. Genre, I guess.

Powerless: The idea of Thor losing his powers until he learns humility is good enough for the movie, but I'm not sure that's what actually happened here. Also why was it only Thor that had to learn a lesson? Cap and Tony lost their powers too. And Tony should have been freaking out a lot more about that, he couldn't think, that's super creepy. Cap just refused to acknowledge there was a problem, really, he was tiny skinny Steve and still trying to be Captain America, really his upgrades did nothing but make his attitude survivable. Hawkeye was cool, seemingly for comparison with a dude that had no powers to lose, but really Stark should have been in the same boat there so no it was just that they wanted Hawkeye to look cool for once. But I don't know what particular moment was supposed to be Thor learning humility. Thor learning to not knock mortality so much, maybe just barely, but mostly I don't see it. Nice idea, not so great execution.

Assault on 42: Fight fight fight fiiiiiiight fight fight, and they learn that a prison in the negative zone isn't as simples as they thought. I was bored. Also there was one bit where Thor and Captain Marvel came back after they'd been out of view and they weren't using their powers or talking and I thought something alien had happened to them, but no, the story just didn't have anything for them to do for a bit. Or it might not have been so clear, but I just thought it was weird, isolating them, not following their fight, having them have gone through scanners that check their insides on the way in, and then doing nothing at all interesting with it. I can't actually remember anything about this episode that was worth 20 minutes. Just Cap leading an implausible team up again.

Ultron Unlimited: It starts with Ultron!Iron Man getting the drop on Captain Marvel because she was more interested in his opinion of her than in the potential threat or the thing where he'd shot her already. Like, that was the textually pointed out point of that encounter, that Captain Marvel wanted Iron Man to like her more than she wanted to defend herself. Or maybe respect her? Tell her she's good enough? Dude, she should know she's good enough, she's a Major in the USAF, a SWORD Agent and an Avenger, insecurity is a suck idea. But the episode story isn't suck. Hawkeye comes in with the energy SHIELD Skrull!Cap used last season, and Cap says he prefers his old fashioned version. Then their robot doubles arrive and they fight, and stuff falls on Cap and Ultron!Cap and then only one of them walks out of the smoke. But he's still wearing the metal shield, so we know which one it is. So he's being sneaky and pretending to be a robot to find out the evil plans. Then he goes and rescues all the other Avengers from their robot doubles, of course. He has a stirring speech about how he never gives up even when all the odds are against him, and that's because of them, the Avengers. The Vision is supposed to be running this plan for Ultron, so they can replace flawed messy humans with infallible logical robot doubles, but having observed both sets and hearing Cap's big speech he decides messy human feelings are most best and switches sides. Cap can talk anyone into anything, even robots into feelings. Super power.
The bit where Ultron stole Jan so he could make himself a robot girlfriend was creepy. I'd read about it from comics but it's still creepy. And she pointed out that it means he's being messy and human too, just with big talk about it.
Which is an interesting flaw in your super powerful AI, but still involves treating women poorly in the service of character development for males, just this time male identified AI who build girl shaped bodies for their future partners. I like it much more when women save themselves. There wasn't much of that here.

Yellowjacket: So, having had pacifist Ant Man quit a bunch of episodes ago, someone decided they needed Hank's new super violent and clearly mentally ill persona to be part of the story. I disagree with this. Especially because Jan is all pointing out he's ill and needs help, but he never gets help. He just runs around beating up Avengers and being mean and saying he's the improved version. I like the idea of rejecting someone's new tougher stance because he's gone too nasty for the Avengers, that's the kind of thing that belongs in cartoon stories, but I do not so much like the thing where he's called ill and says that Hank is dead and there's Yellowjacket now. That's just beating up on ill people in the usual tradition of comics.
Also, nobody actually had the argument with Hank and his pacifist ways and his trying to rehab criminals, they just wrote him go off and be ill and mean and hurt his friends. Which makes it really uncomfortable to have been agreeing with him. That's not an interesting thing to do with that pacifism thread.
But it is a hitting people cartoon, so, he does not get to be right. Boo.

I liked when Hawkeye was watching TV and someone told him off for it and he's being all 'you do research your way, I do it mine' and had in fact found journalists talking about the current topic.

Emperor Stark: Tony takes over the world in less than a month. Rock on. Sadly he was mind controlled into doing it and felt really bad about it. The annoying thing is the story never bothered saying what was wrong or why it was wrong, they just had him be ruler of the world and have Vision and JARVIS stop the mind control and save him. Like, did I miss the 30 seconds where world peace was really a bad idea? I guess it did imply they'd been too violent, but very briefly. Mostly it was just yet another excuse for Avenger vs Avenger fights.
I think they must have had a crappy budget for voice actors. There's rarely all the Avengers around at once, let alone multiple other characters with voices. So then they end up fighting each other.

I liked the part where Cap got brought back to himself by the Vision replaying the speech that had convinced him that feelings are of the good, the one where Cap says he's fighting for his team. And then Cap breaks Hawkeye free by reminding him he doesn't take orders from anyone, not Cap or Iron Man, so why is he taking them now? So Hawkeye just kind of shrugs it off, because he is at heart a contrary sod. :-)
Also good was that when the Purple Man, evil mind controller of the week, wants to do the worst possible thing to Tony, he gets him to fight Steve. Because making him remember hurting Steve would be worst. In a universe with, for instance, Pepper, and any number of civilians, a mind controller who has been around for a month concludes that Tony would hurt most from killing Steve.
There aren't many shippable moments in this show, but that is def one.
Also when they win and Tony shakes the mind control and feels all bad about it after, Steve gives him a little speech about how Tony believes in the future, but Steve believes in people, and he believes in Tony.
aw *hugs*

So, episode didn't establish what was wrong with the Emperor Stark concept, skipped straight to the mind controlled is bad bit, fight fight fight, then make Tony fight Steve for maximum feels and then the little speech. It shows where my priorities are at that I then like the episode for the feels ending.

Code Red: Not ENough Feels!!! Captain America was standing right next to the Winter Soldier and they didn't have their big feels reunion yet! Argh! Must watch more episodes until they fix this!!!

So, you know, that works.

The thing where Marvel once again ducks the whole accountability issue by having the US politician who keeps calling the Avengers an uncontrolled vigilante private army turn out to be HYDRA, that thing I do not like. Specifically this time he's the Red Skull in a mask again. And he's got Falcon and Winter Soldier working for him, and also that green haired dude, Samson? And Red Hulk, who is a git. The ongoing absence of green Hulk is a thing. Am I forgetting something or was the last time we saw him really the time he got arrested and Cap didn't do anything about it as a Clue to being Secretly Evil? Because that's a bunch of episodes.

At the end of the episode they have Falcon and Samson being led away to get un mind controlled, because they were working for Red Skull for reasons of mind control. Except Red Skull was the US Defence dude, the legit authority, so why the heck would he need mind control? He told the world that the bio weapon was something the Avengers cooked up and let leak. All it takes is good people believing that and tada, no mind control.

There was a bio weapon that made everyone look like Red Skulls. Black Panther was researching a cure but he got ill instead. He doesn't get to do very much lately. Iron Man found the cure on account of being the only one in a sealed suit. He gets to do a lot always.

Red Skull got Winter Soldier to kidnap Cap so he could reveal his evil plan and beat him up personally and get Winter Soldier to kill him. Because evil plans that have been in the works since World War II are totally going to get derailed by personal vendettas because comics. Winter Soldier instead cured Steve and escaped. So that's cool. But they're still at the making puzzled faces about each other stage, there's been no big feels reveal yet, and they should hurry up and get to that.

The thing with the politicians who oppose them always turning out to be evil in disguise, that is a genre feature and a power fantasy, but it's also creepy. As is Cap, in his own unaltered self, saying basically to ignore politicians because superheroics are more important. Like, democracy, it's a thing? *sigh*

Also this was yet another episode where it's all heroes vs heroes and I'm really really really bored of that.

This disc was not awesome. Needs more ladies and more actually fighting bad guys and not each other.

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