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Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes volumes 5 and most of 6

Continues to be fun, but I am mostly frown face today and haven't as much to say about it.

Season 2 messed up the opening credits with verbal character intros and started doing 'previously on'. I rather liked when it just kind of figured you'd watch them all and piece it together yourself.

It's still proper twisty. All that Skrull stuff it promised at the end of last season isn't even the only Big Bad going. Asgard is once again providing an entire different dimension of woes, and with the Fantastic Four turning up more, Doom is lurking around the edges, being interesting.

And then there's AIM.

They bring a Technovore to Stark Tower and it tries to eat Maria Hill. I spent like a DVD and a half wondering if that was A Clue, and sure enough when the Skrull reveal themselves and shoot her they find she's a LMD. Pretty awesome.

Also I like Maria Hill quite a lot. Driving same car since 19 no problem yet the helicarrier falls out of the sky every other Thursday. :-)

She's browner here and in the comics than in the MCU. I get why people are annoyed about that now. Like, I didn't have basis for comparison before and kind of had to take their word for it, but she's def not pasty mcwhite cause there's a lot of those next to her. MCU whitewashing is creeptastic.

Ms Marvel gets introduced. I know the difference in drawing between a swimsuit and thigh high boots or a complete skintight suit like SHIELD wears is only a stripe of skin tone around the tops, but it's just irritating how many of the women wear the swimsuit style of their uniforms when I'm used to the leg covering ones. Were they really more recent than this cartoon? That's pretty recent.

SWORD is a thing too. I liked when they had Damocles base cause then the name is, you know, obvious. It go boom now though.
EVERYthing went boom at once, all the satellites, all the bases, all the carriers, EVERYthing. That's a lot of damage.

I have watched through to the EMH episode Secret Invasion. It weren't very secret. They got Captain America to announce it. I mean, it had been secret up until then, I guess.

I like how the whole near-success of it relies on the thing where people tend to follow Steve, even most of the Avengers, even when Tony is notionally in charge. Things go boom, Tony rolls up and actually asks out loud if any of them are aliens, trust breaks down, and Captain America pulls the remains of the team together. Way to go.

Sliiiiiiight problem with the not being Steve at the time though.

It's good cause it would work. Also it's good imagining him replaced in the MCU. Like hey, let's take down HYDRA, oh oops he's a Skrull, that goes poorly.

Winter Soldier was in one episode! But Steve never met him, either version. And we don't strictly know who he's working for? Or I guess we saw them, but I don't know from seeing.

Lots of new characters introduced, like replacement Ant Man, who is less fun and more sympathetic than I'd tend to make a bank heist dude. I kind of loathe how 'had to pay for medical bills' is the go to sympathy get out for the USA. Civilised societies don't put people in that position, they just make health for everyone.

The Guardians of the Galaxy turn up, briefly, and fight the Avengers. Slightly different set than the movie. Kind of bored of superhero fights that could have been averted had the English speaker actually spoken English first.

Jan is too fighty. As a flaw it's one not usually given to women, so okay. She's all perky and 'I'm the awesome one' and talking to her friends, and then, sting time.
Then she knocked out the fake Ant Man and said that felt good and I felt kind of creeped out by that. Like, within the cartoon, should not say that about ex boyfriends, and between layers of canon, what are they saying? She would hit him too? Or some kind of payback? Creeped out a bit.

Beta Ray Bill... Thor kind of has his own cartoon and it's only occasionally connected to the rest? I thought that was just Whedon not knowing what to do with him but maybe it's traditional. Thor realms are only a little connected to the universe the rest of the characters inhabit, so Thor story is too, makes sense. Just, feels kind of weird. We interrupt our regularly scheduled Avengers for an okay cartoon that's just Thor and his family?

Red Hulk... the whole thing where Hulk gets blamed for the existence and actions of Red Hulk requires people drinking the idiot juice. I mean, I can't buy it from allegedly competent people. Green dude with one set of powers is not red dude with a completely different set of powers.

Fury's mistake with Mockingbird did make sense though. He was outplayed, it was cool. How to get close to the paranoid old man? Make him even more paranoid! Be the one that presents him with the problem, and voila, you've got your way in. And by focusing him on finding you, while at the same time filtering his data, you take him away from doing anything else helpful and constructive. And Hill doesn't like the Avengers, so it feeds the over all divide and conquer. It was elegant.

Hawkeye and Hulk are interesting. I can't see any / with Hulk in it, nope, no, not the giant violence guy thanks, but I can see how others would see it. They're totally closest to each other, and Hulk trusted Hawkeye when no one else did. The inversion of time spent in each character in EMH is interesting here, because as far as Hawkeye is concerned, Hulk is an Avenger, and Bruce isn't. He's ... Hawkeye compares him to his bow, so I guess he's integral to Hulk's function, but he isn't the actual Avenger. That's from Hulk being the one who sits around all the time hanging out and being friends. Hawkeye is on Bruce sitting duty on his monthly day off (one day a month he gets in the new deal, that seems unfair), but Hawkeye does not like Bruce, he's waiting for Hulk to come back. So Hawkeye and Hulk are bros.

And Hawkeye is kind of a dick. Aggressive and unwelcoming.

But he's also the guy who notices they've taken a mentally ill prisoner who has been abused and traumatised by alien abduction and strapped him to a table for medical exams. Like, the others are just doing stuff and don't notice the guy could actually have feelings about it. Hawkeye notices.

So he's interesting.

The thing where he grabs an arrow out of the air as it heads towards him, turns it around, and uses it to hit the fake Wasp, a tiny moving target? I'm not sure I'm describing it right, but the fake Hawkeye didn't believe what he'd seen either. Hawkeye is just that good.
... I think that takes it beyond the realm of badass normal, but still, cool.

I like how when they find Sue Storm on the Skrull ship she's being kept unconscious, because everyone knows she's the most powerful. Yaay.

The art has been less creepy about butts. Like, sometimes men are seen from rear views, and sometimes women are drawn almost the same as them. But male butts never have a line up the middle and female butts almost always do. Which is weird and creepy. But not as egregiously as when I was complaining about it with Black Widow.

Yes I know this is a detail I'm going to sound creepy about pointing out.

I like the twisty stories and I like some of the characters, Tony had more moments to actually seem like a person this season, Steve got to be cool, Hawkeye is a person but kind of not the one I've been reading fanfic about. There still need to be more women around, because new women only seem to turn up for an episode at a time. Is parity such a difficult concept?

I have more episodes to watch so I'll probably keep doing that.

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