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Disability payments

IDS keeps saying it is ridiculous people get lifetime awards of Disability Living Allowance.
This could only be true if it were ridiculous that people are allowed to be living with disability for a lifetime.
Seeing as a great many disabilities are indeed life long conditions, it is in fact IDS who is being ridiculous.

I loathe the name changes that keep going through. Incapacity Benefit had what it was for right there in the name; Employment and Support Allowance hides that it's for people too ill for work, and changes the relation of power. Time limiting Incapacity Benefit was clearly ridiculous when people were still incapable of work, but how many people kick up a fuss about ESA being time limited now? I've seen the BBC report on ESA without mentioning it's for sick people. The name is meant to look like Jobseekers Allowance, JSA. The initials match, but the conditions do not. The government keeps trying to sell it as an improvement, because of course people with disabilities are capable of work! Well yes, if you can find work that fits someone's ability to twitch one finger, that person is capable of doing it, but in the real world, not so much. So putting employment in the name? Is a great big fat lie. Like the Work Related Activity Group - it's meant for people who might be capable of work two years in the future. They might, by then, have recovered enough to do work. But the time limited version of ESA will have run out after one year anyway. And if they're not capable of work now, what the hell is the point of Work Related Activity? It's just asking them to do things they can't do while they wait to get well. Treat the illness, help people to get well, but don't expect it to just magically happen for everyone. Some things don't wear off.

So now there's Personal Independence Payments, to replace Disability Living Allowance. DLA existed because it costs disabled people more to live. Does what it says on the tin. PIP gets rid of that pesky Disability word, so once again they can shuffle the concept out of the discourse. Of course they'll help the most severely disabled! They'll help them to be independent! But no bugger has written down a definition of what independence means, so what are they helping them towards? DLA was to help people wipe their arse, take a bath, cook a meal, leave the house, communicate with people, or make up for their inability to do any or all of the above. PIP measures a lot of things, but it's meant to make people 'independent' doing those things. I've been written down as being independent with transport just because I can take one bus during daylight hours, the one that drops me off direct at my house. I can't see the difference between that and getting a taxi door to door, I usually had to share a car doing that as well, but apparently it's independent. Independence is an imaginary moving goal post that doesn't mean any bloody thing. Meanwhile, disabled people still have to spend more to live.

All these changes are exhausting. And they're only just starting. When things start to bite, it's going to get very hard for very many people.

And as has been noted by multiple sources about multiple changes, they don't make any bloody financial sense. Give people more help when they haven't gone splat yet and they don't need the intensive expensive interventions that are required if you wait until everything crashes down. Like the difference between serious and critical care needs, if you don't take care of the serious they end up critical and it costs more. More misery and more money to just keep people alive through it. There are so many of these 'cuts' that are going to cost more. It doesn't make any sense.

Ridiculous: IDS is.

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