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Meanwhile in the real world

problems persist

the cuts stack up. I mostly use my to collect links. It scares me how much is happening that people I know will be affected by it aren't aware of. bad is already happening, and worse is just next week, and considerable more bad than that is all lined up awaiting.

It scares me also I don't know how to vote for people that won't do this. I mean, the last time there was voting there was promising and then it ended up like this and nobody even vaguely said this. But also there seems to be agreement in the three big parties about the stupid scroungers rhetoric and that tests have to be tightened and everyone made to fail to jump through hoops.

Need does not reduce.

Belts cannot be tightened any more, people are using food banks already, there are no smaller houses to move into, emergency vouchers for food won't cover the price of a bus to go get said sustenance, and the cuts fall heaviest on the poorest and those least able to seek alternatives.

plus, legal aid and citizens advice being able to do any helping at all about benefits, all going bye bye.

more problems, less help... people are going to starve. They will freeze at home while they have one and then freeze in the streets.

and it makes no sense. I only attempt to understand the cuts to disability related stuff, but what they do there will end up costing more when people have to be moved into more expensive forms of care, or when they aren't able to work any more. It will make more people more miserable for more money. It makes no sense unless there's actual villains running the country. The only way it makes economic sense is if they expect the poor and disabled to die and not be replaced.

housing policy makes no sense, not enough houses, can't go smaller places, outside London it's the small places there's next to none of and too much demand for already. if people busted out of social housing by stupid new rules then it costs more in housing benefit for the next place because private rent is more for crappier places and less secure tenancies. can't do like government say and rent out spare rooms, not allowed, also not spare. need building more houses, make more jobs to do it, be lots useful for long time.

none these things make sense, and then people are stuffed and the government is busy putting its efforts behind the project to convince everyone it's their own fault.
If the government really believe people are choosing to be disabled, they're delusional. If they don't believe it, they make no sense.

but they won't talk to actual disabled people anyway, so probably have strange beliefs about them. Wouldn't talk to Spartacus report people because of something someone said in a single sentence in a foreword. ignored all things they actually say. will meet with 'disability' charities as long as they're not run by actual disabled people. will not meet with disabled people groups.

Government works for us. Even disabled us. If they won't listen, democracy is busted.

none of it makes sense and I don't see anything to do about it.

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