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Again there were builders. Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Wednesday Thursday. Should have been Tuesday but wasn't. Originally they said they'd be done by now. Now they say they'll get the washer machine working for the weekend. Not that they'll be finished by then.

*deep breath*

Today was electrician day. So we still haven't watched the third bit of Lord of the Rings, because teh electric kept turning off. But now I have new everythings and the electric officially works, so that's nice.
They had to be in the front room to test plugs in the walls. My plugs are behind book shelves. Walls are for book shelves. There is one plug sticking out though so that just about worked after I moved all the furnitures that can move. There isn't any room to move it much though.

And I hadn't planned to let builders in the other rooms, this is my house, for me.
He also wanted to check the lights in the bedroom but no. I don't care if they don't work. I shall be in the dark. No entry. Mine.

My grumpy is getting a bit out of hand though.

Also, we have been subsisting on chinese takeaway for two weeks, and they only have one edible vegetarian option. Man cannot live on vegetable noodles and mushroom egg alone.
There are very seldom new edibles at all, let alone edible takeaway.
And then mum tells me off for not having a varied diet. Dear mum: I stopped eating only the things that made me so ill there's no nutritional point to eating the damn things anyway. That's meat and dairy. And I can't actually cook, not outside of a microwave at the best of times, and not even that this week. This being the case, my diet is perforce somewhat repetitive.
Telling me off won't fix that.
Also, I do not need the speech about what drinking orange juice will do to my teeth, orange juice is good eatings, and what else does she suggest I drinks? Tea? No hot liquids thankyou. Fake milk isn't good to drink. Ribena is nice but I drinks that when I'm out. And they stopped selling my other sorts of juice. So, citrus five alive is it. Telling me it'll rot my teeth doesn't help.

Today she says we should go to Morrisons and get more eats.
Which is a plan that sounds perfectly reasonable, but if I leave the house right now I am at best going to have a screaming tantrum in public. So, no.

Tomorrow, more builders.
And hobbits. We will definite watch hobbits tomorrow. It's in the machine and everything.

:-p to all this.

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