beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

And this is the second week we're spending sitting next to each other

We watched The Two Towers
mum got bored of the speeches and started supplying alternate next lines
in the bits I can quote from memory

To be fair I was thinking next time I'll watch the not-extended version of this one, cause it goes on a bit, but still.

The builder is done for the day. The really noisy bit was cutting tiles. It made him cough a lot. Tomorrow there will be a different person again. Also there is a lot of mess. A lot. Dusty messy mess.

I look forward to builders going away so I can get things proper cleaned again.

Cleaner was also here today even though half the things to be cleaned were inaccessible, so at least my bathroom is shiny nice and the bins empty.

7 working days they said. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, three more to go.

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Tags: repairs
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