beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Today was much more quiet, only one builder and not so many power tools. Yaays.
And then I went to Morrisons and had breakfast and bought some food for tomorrow.
Food without a microwave even is pretty hard. It's sandwiches basically, but collecting fillings is difficult because no shop sells all the sorts of thing I eat all at once. But now I have some sorts, so yaays.

I missed the science fiction pub last night and the dancing today - again, I meant to go more this summer but I completely missed it instead. Blergh.

But I am fine and it is quiet and I have food and :-p to builders.

Mum and I watched the two things on ATOS assessments, the Dispatches and Panorama things. I knew more than the TV did both times, though they had lots of examples and proof with secret cameras. And I had to stop for rage breaks.
ATOS have the contract for the PIP assessments too.
I can't vote for any of the main parties on this, they all agree. With tests that go lalala you're fit for work if you can press one button with one finger once.
There are not enough rage words.

Also today we watched Ponyo, which was weird and boring.

And then I left the TV on whatever houses and archaeology and antiques and collectibles channel and mum watched that while I read.

There is a lot of very boring fic out there.

Also, it's weird when people write Black Widow the same age as her actress.
Especially making her younger than Hawkeye.
I mean, I haven't read any comics, yet somehow I have opinions.

I need to think of something to do tomorrow.
That is not any of the usual things.
Because mostly the usual things are Mature rated or above.

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