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I need a Tony Stark icon

Dreamed I was lost at Birmingham New Street Station. Only even worse than that, because instead of solid floors there were walkways with no railings and people kept on going over the edges. Mostly people I vaguely know, from conventions, trying to get their post-con luggage down to the relevant trains in one piece.
I really, really do not like Birmingham New Street Station.

Also dreamed I was Tony Stark. Trying to chat up someone dressed as Johnny Depp. They were not best pleased about this. Initially it was going pretty well, but then it turned out Tony thought he'd 'guessed right' about what was under the costume so from his point of view he was chatting up a girl, and that made it not a good day from JD's point of view. Because after that much care and attention put into the presentation it is not under the costume that one wants considered the last word. But Tony was having a more confusing day than he was letting on, because he'd been having some problems with self image and sexuality, and all he'd really noticed at first was that that guy was hot. Deciding that reaction was because that guy was secretly a girl had little to do with noticing the height and the heels (and hey, he has no room to talk), and quite a lot to do with all the self hate that kind of sounds like Obie. So he was getting his crisis all over other people and that wasn't cool.

Then he got stuck in an elevator with the Johnny Depp person and Captain Jack Harkness. The version of Jack my subconscious is sure is a Betan herm who is just being masculine for the benighted 20th century. And any version of Jack is someone who stirs attraction even in the most previously heterosexual breast, which Tony, as he was rediscovering, really wasn't.

Then the lift finally reacted the platform levels on Birmingham New Street Station and everyone dispersed to try and find their trains even though the platform had been changed and there were no Information desks without going back up to the concourse.

Really, the least believable part of this dream was that Tony Stark would ever be alone trying to take public transport.

Cosplaying Tony would be really easy if he's wearing his workshop clothes but really a bit difficult if he's in his (cloth, PR appearance) suits, because they're supposed to look like all the money. Appropriate suits would not turn up at the charity shops.

What's the word in American for those vests that leave your arms all showing, like this one? It's not vests because vest makes google show a lot of waistcoats. I've read 'beater' but I'm not going to use that one.

Granted I'd have to be a girl Tony, but I understand there's canon basis for that. Comics AUs go all the fun places.

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