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Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War

... wait, now we have to wait?
We have to wait and we don't even get a date to count down to?

Okay, so, I liked the episode, but I didn't think it was epic... until River Song stood there and told the Doctor to think about what the word will mean, if he keeps on this way.
Because yes, conquest of Demon's Run in 3 minutes 42 seconds, pretty damn cool, as well as calling in all sorts of old favours. He can get an army together. How cool is that?
... well, for a Nurse and a Doctor, not exactly cool. That Silurian guy thinking it's a punishment to be a nurse is the creep mirror there. Mission creep, even.
So River stands up and points it out to them, and it's like that Handlebars vid, or the moments you shiver and think how very well the Doctor and the Master could get along.
'A good man has too many rules? A good man doesn't need rules. Think about why I have so many rules.'
(I'd quote better if the website was actually loading but it seems to be stuck)
When she said you don't have to worry about good men I just quick listed in my head all the things the Doctor has done and... yeah, he has those rules because he knows himself.
But lately? I love how the soldiers list all the things he's done. Great warrior!
... he didn't set out to be a warrior.

And it turns out River Song is the one who can totally tell him off from the knowing, cause a baby got stole to be a weapon, since they fear him so much, and hello...
It was not a surprise soon as Amy said 'Melody' and it wasn't much of a surprise then. But I did like it. I like the Doctor's reaction too, all 'but we...!'


Amy's baby is Melody Pond, but run through the translation matrix that's River Song.
Amy's baby was in the spacesuit, raised on Earth in 1969, though she was born in the time agent wrist strap acquisition era, to a early 21st century mum.
Amy's baby Melody has a third strand in her helix, Time Lord
... because, the Doctor realises, wedding night... I love that conversation taking place between three aliens going all nose wrinkles at 'human stuff'.
So you make Time Lords by having sex in the vortex? Or in a TARDIS in the vortex, since travel without a capsule is, er, not conducive... oh dear I just had the image of Jack clinging to the outside of the TARDIS, with slightly tweaked context...
Time Lords don't know how Time Lord babies get made. :-)
... um, you know, this might be a happy accident, but it looks like a repeatable accident. To make new Time Lords you don't need a Time Lord, you need humans doing time travel and sex. And, well, we have those.
... if the Time Agency knows this and recruits accordingly that could explain a lot...

The kid in the spacesuit can and does regenerate, on Earth in 1970ish.
River Song can regenerate.
River Song is a Time Lord, just not a Gallifreyan.


I think that makes me quietly happy rather than bouncingly squeeful, but that's because the idea snuck up slow in pieces already.

So, bits I liked: The Doctor getting Told, and River Song being a translation glitch.

Bits that I can only think of as being a reward for the fans: Steampunk lesbian time travellers with swords. Dating lizard ladies. They fight crime! OMG it's like they know us... And I was going to say the cosplay opportunities are endless, but I think I wore that costume already, with different trousers. Waistcoat and sword are fairly staple ingredients. I vaguely feel like I've seen it already too. So it's like we climbed back in the story. Am I being weird? But, so shiny! There's a whole world to play right there!

Bits I was not keen on: 'We're the thin fat gay anglican marines, do we need names?' and then one of them gets converted into a headless monks. Um, just because you lampshade it, doesn't make it funny. It makes it another gay couple where one gets dead. Again. Again.
Portrayal of religion: the no head no being able to question no reasoning with them as a Very Bad Thing, I have to agree. The bit with religion vs the Doctor when he's saying the Doctor asks questions >:-( we give him the only answer!!! ... yeah, that's another bit of religion as bad again. Okay. But, well, I spent the day trying to collect various definitions of what religions think needs done for charity, what the Christians call the Works or Acts of mercy, and I spent some of the week looking at what chaplains do, which includes a lot of sitting next to people who are dying or who lost someone or who really really need someone right then and just making sure they feel cared for and supported, and I'd kind of like that bit of religion to get in the story sometimes. It's not that religion has a monopoly on it, far from, but it's the antidote to the exact things the Doctor was told off for, the being scary, and what the army was a problem for, the being shouty. Quietly helpful listening might not seem to fit in the story, but it's like the moment where the Doctor told the girl he remembered her, 'we ran'. To value that one person when they need it. That's not difficult to fit in a story. Science Fiction doesn't seem to often fit it though.

Also, people of color: I'm thinking I'll need to go back and Count this season carefully, because I can't remember many people of color in it, and then here we get Scary Black Man again again again.

I guess what I'm saying is that one probably lesbian steampunk katana wielding mixed species crime fighting couple doesn't make everything perfect. That's kind of sad.

More things I liked: Rory. Just, in general. And Amy telling the baby about him - I know they phrased it that way to do the is he isn't he father fake out for longer, but Rory the Last Centurion is epic, and Amy wants their daughter to know that. Him taking the question-and-message to the Cybermen? Made of cool. (With the important undermining River brought.) And then when he brings the baby in and he's all 'I was going to be cool' and there's baby and crying and kissing and :-) :-) :-)
Rory is very happy making.

Oh, and The Doctor speaks Baby! :-D
... he probably speaks baby, you never know, and usually we get a translation too, but no, it's funnier without.
And the Doctor's little rocking cradle! With the mobile and the stars and the Gallifreyan writing. That's like a thousand years old by now. Also, proves the Doctor was a baby once, which, this being science fiction, is actually an area of some debate.
... the Doctor ducking if he had children once, :-( *hugs*

I love his reaction when he figures it out. Gobsmacked glee and worry? Big complicated reaction.

Tricking him twice with the same trick though... oh dear. And I have sad and worry about the baby even though we see the grown up of her. I mean, baby, all away! And it was a horror horror horror moment when the baby turned into the milk stuff and stopped being. But River is okay so is only a sad worry, not a nightmare.

I'm now wondering how old River is. Like, if the kid regenerates, does she regenerate into a kid?

... oh, now I don't want to watch River's first episodes again because that's what happens to the baby. :-(
I don't think it's an ending though.

Wait there's something about accepting and the Doctor never accepting at the end of that and this... website still no giving me anything, what's with that? Is it just me?
And whenever I reload the main page it does that talking thing again.

I liked the episode. It felt a bit thin, introducing all these characters and having a big fight, but also epic win happened, and a big revelation.

Now there is a great big wait. I no like that.

... next episode title Let's Kill Hitler? Bzuh? *blinks*
guess we'll see what they'll do with that way, way later this year.

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