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Monday, April 3rd, 2017
2:48 pm
Today's attempts to be useful and productive turned into watching more of season 2 of Agent Carter in order to fiddle with the TV settings and get used to things.
I found how to favourites channels but the guide seems unaffected, though I worked out how the info button works. There appear to be many more channels than there were on the old TV, which seems odd. I fiddled with the picture settings but ended up putting them all back. And I wondered which things were the DVDs and not the TV, so I stared at bits of lots of channels... which all look terrible at this size. I don't know, the technology of the future is not kind to older things.

I don't know what I think of Agent Carter. So far it is about her not/dating people? I don't care who she is dating or not so I keep wondering what else I could do with those minutes. Have her talk to women? Mrs Jarvis is excellent but I miss Angie. I mean, she's an actress and they're in actress world, it wouldn't exactly be difficult.

Things seem comic book in a funny extreme way.

I don't know, if this was the first season it wouldn't have grabbed me yet.

Why isn't she in charge yet?

Also why do lights have rainbow rings around them and is it my settings or the discs?

my concentration is not the most focussed.

I wanted to get more done today but I need help with communication tasks and available help is out of spoons. Employed help is evenings only, and you can't communicate after closing. I need a better plan.

Or to just communicate poorly and hope it works out, but that has... disadvantages.

The new TV being so much more reflective means I need a proper darkness curtain now, or to continue putting up with a view with a stripe. I've arranged the old TV to block as much light as practical but a blind to go actually in the window will work better. Why shiny reflective is the way forwards I don't know. Very annoying.

... I am grumpy. My opinions are made of grump. Don't kind me.

I'm going to go read.

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Sunday, April 2nd, 2017
6:23 pm
and the Masquerade gets much more believable
I been re reading game rules, reading about Buffy, and then hearing my neighbours
and it occurred to me that there are many and varied ambiguous situations where you're not sure what is what
and it might seem simple, like someone says Help Me so you call for help, but even then it's so much context and room for error
and even apparently familiar situations with a simple script can just be all sorts.

So then I think

And Sunnydale denial never made much sense to me, because the rule is It's Always Real. Right?
So you see and hear and figure it's ... well, anything from demons to vampires to werewolves, all sorts of things.

unless said supernaturals have really blatantly introduced themselves
there's always all this interpretation work.

And Sunnydale has been giving out a wrong framework for interpretation
stuff about gangs and drugs
except there were gangs, cause one of them ended up zombies, so it's not so much wrong as misapplied.

And most people mostly don't have to do this figuring out.
So anyone encountering Bad will just try and figure it for the first time based on limited data, in the dark, and while they were thinking of something else and going somewhere.

And maybe a lot of them figure I can't have seen that, I didn't seen that, oops. That's not helpful. But interpretation errors were supposed to seem more easy than actual supernatural beings, so maybe nothing gets done about stuff.

Like, probably still the correct response is to call the police, and then the police would do the further figuring, but Sunnydale police may have had the knowings anyway.

But just random people figuring out What Do?

I can see how they'd continue not to figure.

... which is pretty scary.

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3:05 pm
I listened to a Torchwood audio, the one with Queen Victoria.
I feel I should have liked it better, except I'm busy being frustrated with technology.

The little handheld games thingy is going back, it's too annoying and boring.
And the new box I played the Torchwood CD on is... not optimal. The old box could change the display so it was blank while playing music. This one has a screen saver instead. Except the screensaver is rubbish and has a still background, so I don't see how that's supposed to help.

I don't know if it would always be like that or if there's ways to change the settings so it just goes blank. There's ways to turn the TV off and play music through attached speakers, so that's probably what they expect you to do. But I haven't attached speakers.

I think I'm going to play with the sound settings a lot though. Probably turn the bass up? I don't know what's not quite the thing, but it's definitely not quite something.

It's super frustrating having new stuff that's supposed to be better but you don't yet like.

The actual plot of the Torchwood adventure had Her Majesty running around having adventures and talking to the immortal man about getting old. So it has ingredients I'd usually consider interesting. But between upstairs doing something that sounds annoying and the audio settings being a thing and the stupid tiny stuff like the way the recorder box no longer displays the time so I put a battery in the TARDIS and now it ticks... I'm just too niggly irritated to have opinions on Torchwood today.

Also today was another two hour phone conversation with mum. So that was interesting. Though I feel like we both need more people to talk to.

I shall go find something to do that is not annoying.
... or not the same sort of annoying...

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Saturday, April 1st, 2017
9:59 am
Little handheld sega retro games thing has arrived and been played.
... should have bought the cheaper one. That way I could relearn I don't actually like them without having spent quite as much.

Also there's a thing on the screen, think it's a dent or something, not best.

A lot of the frustration is that the instructions for things like eternal champions and mortal kombat just say abc xyz is three different strengths of punch and kick. pretty sure they have special attacks and so forth too? but not in this instruction book.

plus some of them are just frustratingly bad. how did I ever play golden axe? you walk off the edge of things and can never tell if you're in line with the stupid bad guys. and every time you get a mount you get knocked down again.

also I'm just bad at games now. the dexterity trainer to test your timing? so bad at it.

also also and probably the gripping hand, now I feel nauseous. I thought that was a 3d movement thing, but no, tiny pixels games are making me feel nauseous.

so. experiment in handheld retro gaming: ugh.

maybe my brother will like it.

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8:05 am
my day is a bit boring
So far today I have done a bit of tidying of the sort that doesn't seem to leave things any tidier
moved stuff around a bit
and made space on my other table for the old TV for after the new TV arrives.

New TVs don't have all the sorts of plugs, so until I'm sure I don't need it for anything, it's simpler to just keep the old TV.

Not tidier though, and I'm not sure I have enough room in my house, but so it goes. One problem at a time.

I have also copied to DVD some of the things from the old recorder box. Though I know I never actually get around to watching any of the many other things I've copied in that way. This way I know I still has, even if I get rid of the old box, which again I'm not doing until I'm sure I don't need it.

I'm kind of not looking forward to the new TV even though the old one was never the quality I wanted and has been a bit broken for a really long time and I can't even change the volume without fiddling around behind the sides. The new thing will be new. Resenting it on that basis is irrational and I will ignore this feeling.

I think this is going to be the third TV I have owned. The first one was before flatscreens and took up really a lot of my house. The new one is delightfully slim in comparison, but really large, because small only starts at 32" now and doesn't have all the features even.

... I really really hope the new TV will fit on the desk. Just, fit well enough to be going on with. I can get new furniture for it later, I just need to know it will work first.

... I like this incremental improvement thing I've been working on but only in the way it reduces changes to bite sized portions, not in the way everything is change and nothing is finished.

But next week is piano week... as in I'm really determined this time... and then it will be shelves time, and then tidiness and books in their correct places, and then I can figure out what to do about the desk.

Also today I did some more exercises. They're very the same on account of there only being one body to make shapes with. I like dancing better but wish to improve in ways dancing hasn't fixed yet.

Also I'm sure dancing more than once a week would help more, but that loops back to the furniture problem, because there's only so much exercise you can do with a piano in your way.

Waiting for deliveries is weird, because only two short things will happen, but they could happen any time between 0700 and 1600.

Also I discovered that Argos text you about an hour in advance of your delivery slot. Even if said slot starts at seven in the morning.

Good thing I've been up since midnight.

I feel like I've got nothing to do even though I have the usual range of things to do. I could write even. But I'm spending the day waiting to be interrupted, so it don't feel like I should start anything.

I shall have to choose something and ignore that feeling.

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Friday, March 31st, 2017
3:09 pm
and another werewolf bunny
or, okay, more of the same one currently under a friends lock of shame

a trans man werewolf
actually kind of pissed off that the available modes of shapeshifting do not include the parts he personally would really prefer
but kind of very into this getting really tall and hairy stuff.

and this seems kind of random without the springboard of the Flash canon and fanfic that inspired me

separated at birth twins, so he has a twin sister
who is also at least potentially a werewolf

and they've been raised by feuding families, each of them believing that's their birth family
and really bitterly unable to believe any data to the contrary
because that's just what those guys would say.

so many layers of familial angst and bitterness.

and it seems like identical twins would have an issue with the other changing without them
but really obviously shouldn't

... but I don't want to write a creepy twins story because horror does that waaaaaay too much.

... there are so many ways for story to go wrong in the creepy insensitive way.

So I want these two feuding werewolf families to resolve their differences by at least some of them forming a new family from a much wider range of people. found family to fix birth family problems.

but I also was noodling having werewolf arranged marriages? Like, if they have hereditary werewolves, but they're trying to keep quiet about it, then they'd try and keep it small, but they'd have to get real careful about bloodlines and stuff.

So if one guy had his marriage arranged to the cis gender girl twin, for reasons of genetics, and then turns out to actually like their genetically identical trans guy twin better, and hey, marrying them would heal this whole argument... that's like a solid start. but since I was thinking Flash I was thinking Eddie and Iris and Barry, so there's a few extra twists to get out of that one. Arranged poly marriage, not the usual trope. Though I probably want to leave out the foster siblings bit. (dear flash canon: whyyyyyyyy)

But if a sudden event led to a whole bunch of new werewolves and a much higher public profile, some of the old families would have to react and adjust, maybe d things mew ways. And some would just reach out to the newbies. And there'd be an incentive for a culture change.

Werewolf trans man starting a new kind of pack that is much more inclusive.

that's a solid hook for a plot.

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10:42 am
I win at shopping
At least I hope I win at shopping. I bought two shirts and two pairs of trousers, but they're actually the same pair of trousers in two shades, grey and black, because I tried on Manu trousers and these ones fit good enough.

Bon Marche has things clearly labelled with trouser length and has many different lengths of things. Several fabrics were acceptable too. So I'm hoping I'll still like these two later.

I also went to Argos to buy a games thing but it will be delivered tomorrow. I figure either I'll like it or my brother will. Sega games that are ancient but who cares as long as they're playable.

This makes this week a Very Busy, because I went Outside on three different days, two of them not in the routine. But with any luck at all I now have trousers that will go on on all the days and sit down and everything. I hope. And if I don't I have receipts and a plan.

... the things that count as an exciting week around here...

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Thursday, March 30th, 2017
9:58 pm
I went to dancing lessons again. Today there were Many of people so I couldn't stand in my usual spot and ended up in front of the reflecting surfaces so I could see me dancing. I do not look like I think I look. And I do not like watching me dancing, then I'm watching and not dancing. But I did the dances more or less correctly, so that part was nice.

Then there was shopping, but in reverse order because the A47 was closed so we had to go the back way past ASDA. I don't know how long it usually takes to do all the things but today it took 3.5 hours, which was at least half an hour more than I wanted to be awake.

I woke up at midnight and have had only a couple hours sleep before the dancing. Not optimal.

I was thinking about Legends of Tomorrow, and in order for the writers to payoff the story they've set up, the saving the world at the end of the season has to
be Mick
being trusted
by the team
and by his partner, who he talks to and communicates with like he said before
and hopefully talks around into something approaching heroism
so they do Mick's plan that he thought of with his brain.

Whether or not he survives it rather depends on the writers attitudes to heroism and happy endings, so I am a teensy bit tense.

If they resolve it without those ingredients we will be grumpy. Because we will have had all these feels for Mick set up and then not paid off.

But that might happen, because you never know whose story writers think it is.

I'm also not optimistic on people getting their loved ones back, because while it is a time travel show kicked off by Rip wanting his loved ones back, it seems to be more about embracing time's arrow and moving on. Like with the Flash, bringing people back is not the desirable goal, being okay without them is instead.

But it's comics so plenty of people come back eventually, so I want my favourites, obviously.

Shall see really soon now.

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12:49 pm
How to make The Doctor
I was reading a string of Moffat quotes on the topic of recasting the Doctor as a woman. He maintains that you never cast just A Woman, because you never cast A Man, you'd only do it if you had someone specific in mind. Which I maintain is how we get more straight white men everyone has seen before, and never enough of the rest of us, so it's dangerous bollocks.

But. His other point was to wonder if we, the audience, are ready yet. His question is Would the viewer accept her as The Doctor?

And, wrong.

That is the wrong question.

The question is, How do we make them accept her as The Doctor? Better yet, how do we make them love the Doctor?

And the answer to that is the same as every other time.

You have them walk on and Be The Doctor.

Twelve climbing out the window because 'Me', listening to a dinosaur, being so so sorry, caring so much, and being brilliant. Eleven rolling up all faster than light travel with two diagrams and a joke, whoever I am I'm a genius. Is this world protected? (Ten has declared it so.) I'm the Doctor. Basically, run. (Run for your life, says Nine to Rose.) And every other time we meet him for the first, eighth, seventh, so on and so forth times, though I think Eleven did it with the most style.

Every single time, every single episode, every time you meet you've got to sell two things: This is The Doctor, the definite article, and the Doctor is the most amazing being you will ever meet.

So you bring on the new cast, sure, and to sell the transition you have someone who already knows him, and to sell the Doctor you have someone falling for him for the very first time. Not romantically, at least not until recently and I don't consider it an improvement. That feeling that this is the single most interesting person in any room, and you could follow them anywhere. All of time and space, yeah, but it's who you travel it with who matters.

So there's the new Doctor and the old Companion and the new audience identification figure companion the second, bewildered but bewitched.

And there's not one word of that that changes if you change her gender. Not one line.

I'm the Doctor, I'm a genius, and this is defended.

If you can't sell that you've no business writing Doctor Who.

... and we had Clara selling that, which was interesting. But you don't get the structural shift in center until you move the white man out of it, so, it has to be the Doctor.


And the thing is, every writer, every fanfic writer, but novels and audios and episodes too, has to sell us the same thing every single time. Or else fail to convey why this is Doctor Who and not some other thing with the serial numbers swapped.

And funnily enough they do it pretty frequently.

So I just don't see the argument. I don't give a monkeys if you think the audience won't swallow it cold. Cook the blooming banquet and serve it to them at such a pace they're asking for it by the time it gets to table. Make us feel it, and we'll believe. That's what writing is about.

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11:16 am
I finished reading Asimov's.

Final tally was two skipped, one I kind of wish I skipped, and the last story, Tau Zero, I don't know what it was doing but it didn't do it successfully from where I'm sitting.

It left me grumpy and thinking I didn't get much out of the magazine.

But, I liked Number Thirty-Nine Skink
The Ones Who Know Where They Are Going was strong idea stuff
A Singular Event In The Fourth Dimension had a nice robot child
After The Atrocity did interesting stuff about self and how choice and experience shapes us, quite compactly.

So that's some story.

Just in a sea of stuff I either actively disliked or it didn't do much for me.

Being left grumpy is annoying. But you never know what next issue looks like.

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7:49 am
I think I am spending too much time on the internet
specifically tumblr
which is a weirdly repetitive time sink that can take as much of your life as you give it.

I mean I like having a fandom and associated discussion again
but I'm not so keen on waiting on slow computer to reload yet another screen of reblogs that don't add anything
some of them of random shit from last year or more.

Tumblr is a terrible platform for most things, is what I'm saying.

Is there a fandom newsletter culture I just failed to find?
somewhere that aggregates the interesting comments so you don't have to follow all dozen people in your corner and hope?
following tags sure doesn't work well enough for that.

I'm going to have to unfollow a bunch of stuff just to reclaim some of my day.
the vlogs full of pretty pictures will be a good start, but pretty pictures are all tumblr as a technology is really actually good at.

and yet, dreamwidth, difficult to find new content. people quiet. lots of going away. don't know if newer fandoms are here at all.

don't know why that happened.

must find places to look.

current balance not very good.

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5:59 am
On Monday I printed out a whole bunch of exercises from the NHS website
so today I taped a few sheets to the bookcase I'm planning to get rid of and tried doing a few exercises.


Like, not ow, but, huh, that's work I do not usually do.

I like the pillow exercises because instead of big weights you're swinging a pillow around
I tried them without even the pillow
and it says to do multiple sets
and I am currently disinclined to do multiple sets.


Possibly I really need to do some exercises.

Also I tried like two from the abs sheet and now my abs feel unusual.

Also also I need to look up like moving images with instructions, because it's not always obvious how you're meant to look like the little drawings man.

So. Now I have a project. Involving actual movement. Ever. At all.

Dancing is good movements but I only do one hour of that a week so I could add more moving on different days.

... I mean, I probably won't, but I could...

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2:37 am
Legends of Tomorrow
Pondering the emotional beats on Legends of Tomorrow
I can see how the writers are dragging us around by the feels
but I don't quite see why.

Maybe it'll make more sense after the finale.

But I just vaguely thought it also makes sense if they think their bad guys are bad guys, no matter what they do. Read more...Collapse )

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12:45 am
8 dreams
Today I dreamt I was dancing with the 8th Doctor in a ballroom on the moon.
The lunar gravity let us glide around like floating, everything easy.
And there was kissing, but not grabby kissing with expectations, just kissing that really likes kissing, as enthusiastic as he is with every other form of communication.

There was a plot too, and Missy was there with her Doctor, and possibly some Daleks, but things started getting mysterious around when the Daleks disappeared. Like, obviously your first thought is, yaay no Daleks I get to live, but then you have to wonder, how on moon did anything manage to make no Daleks when Daleks had insisted on taking over? And whatever we did to investigate I had to be just a teensy worried that Missy would decide I was more use dead, which was more worrying personally, if not professionally. But I wasn't going to let it waste my time with 8.

There was spinning and dancing and music that's all "on days like these de dum de dum when skies are blue"
which is funny, because we're underground on the moon, and nothing is blue anywhere
and I haven't actually dreamed the dancing dream with blue skies. It's usually all stations under spin gravity with the stars wheeling around us.

I woke up in the most delightful mood.

I am quite disinclined to go check the internet, it might take the bubbles out of this mood.

But in the dream we had to figure things out, only everywhere we went we found only empty corridors and empty rooms. Still preferable to actual death by Dalek, but puzzling. And there were two clues. And one of them was the ballroom. There was artificial gravity everywhere else, and while low g made for lovely artistic choices, there was a bar in the corner with open glasses, and nobody chooses to drink in lower gravity than they're used to. So somehow the floor was broken without being broken. And we couldn't get down below to see the workings because there were no stairs. Or lifts. Which was peculiar. Because how did people get in and out at all?

So I wondered if we were looking at the wrong scale. A lift is just a room that moves. There were plenty of rooms about. What if they'd needed to move something very much bigger than us?

But the Doctor, the grey one, pointed out we'd been in almost every room already...

... except the airlocks. Only one door on them, pressure supporting airlock style, but you don't mess with airlocks until you have to. And if we wanted to go anywhere new, we had to. But we couldn't find pressure suits. So if the doors opened somewhere unexpected, we wouldn't just end up in the car park...

So I don't know where the locks went, but there was another dream earlier, and in that one humans had been excavating on the moon and finding complexly stratified black rock, in sections that looked very much artificial. But so does the giant's causeway, so they weren't that concerned... until they found the airlock.

And it turned out they'd been lifting off damaged pieces from the tiniest, tiniest corner.

And when they reactivated the thing, having scraped away the lunar regolith and exposed what they thought was a building, it lit up, started doing things to gravity, and lifted up
and up
and up
until a whole moonlet had shrugged off grey dust and lifted itself free.

Which was a surprise, as you can imagine.

It turned out to be still functional as a self contained world, with artificial gravity throughout, and room after room after room. It had enough area in its volume to function as a whole spare planet, and go a long way to getting breathing room for the billions of Earth.

But first we either have to understand precisely what it was even doing here, or I suppose choose population to inhabit it that we wouldn't mind finding out the hard way...

And if the two dreams were one dream, from other perspectives, we also have to worry what the Daleks wanted to do with it.

Experience suggests probably fly it around like a really big spaceship.

But you have to worry what could power something like that...

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Wednesday, March 29th, 2017
5:58 am
Why to actually write a thing
I do not know how to be helpful when people are in a bad brain place
but I think it might involve writing more stories.

Like, Owen Harper on a rooftop was helpful. But a random person just saying to think about a hot cup of tea is really unlikely to be helpful. You kind of have to go on that whole journey through some very dark places to get to where it matters when he says maybe, just maybe, there's a light.

But it's difficult thinking how to put a story together. Like, I can remember feeling bad, and on the bad days that's most of what I can remember, but then I don't feel so bad any more. As just a thing that happened over time. Like, there's not a magic sword I can pass on. Just... I don't know, standing with Jack up on a rooftop waiting for a sunrise. Things get better. And just saying that doesn't seem terribly helpful when they are not in fact currently better.

It also matters that these people matter before they say the encouraging hopeful thing. I mean, the difference between some random officer and Aragorn is we've followed Aragorn halfway across their world and seen all the places he's been and the things he's done, so if he says to stand and have some hope, he knows of what he speaks.

Being a random person on the internet who sees someone having a bad night and wants to say something encouraging cannot have quite the same emotional heft.

Even if I ever could think of something helpful to say.

So if I'm going to be helpful, I have to think of a story full of characters a reader can identify with and or look up to as they go through the toughest stuff and survive.

... well it's good to have goals...

But also they don't necessarily need a big speech, they just need someone reaching out and saying we can get through this. And it being true.

So identifiable characters, metaphor demons of identifiable problems, and solutions that involve the power of friendship and stubborn free will.

Ingredients list.

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2:26 am
Thing I just realised bugs me about US written science fiction:
The way they set stories in other countries in the varying distances future
and yet
assume that medical bills are down to the individual and prohibitively expensive.
I mean, that's a failure of present day education, let alone imagination.

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Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
11:28 pm
Drama, Lessons
I dreamt I was in a classroom with a bunch of younger actors who had been cast in a thing that was not in fact written yet. There was a lady on the phone who had organised it all. She continued to be on the phone for some minutes after we had assembled. We started to get bored. So I challenge-asked the actors, five minutes, where/how/what does your character feel when they're anxious? And they thought this was daft, because they didn't have anything resembling a script yet, how could they know that? But I gave them bits of paper and some of them sat down to fill it in.

The youngest was bored and had started writing up an advert for them to star in. They were like twelve and hadn't done episodic drama yet, a little advert was more what they knew. So when phone lady hung up they saw it and shoved it across the table to me and told me to say stuff about it. And, having a handy cultural studies degree, I could. But it did interfere with me telling the other why I'd askes the anxiety thing. And we still lacked a script, which, being the only writer in the room, was probably going to be on me to fix. But I could start by talking theory about this advert, so I started mentally assembling books.

And then I woke up but like really enthused about all the jumping off points for a lesson in there. Enthusiastic about teaching it, even, to a room full of interested people, but not too full.

The anxiety thing was because if they've not been told anything yet then they'll probably start with their own anxiety habits. Or if not they'll start with a bunch of physical things and I can tweak their focus with a second ask. Because I remember an actor at a convention explaining the first time he was filmed doing acting in school they watched the video back and he spent the entire play swinging his arm. Because nervous. It came out in this one unconscious habit that could have looked like a quite confident move if it only happened the once but that somehow unconsciously kept going like a pendulum. Swinging his arm, all play. So asking the actors what their bodies would be doing if they were anxious, that'll get them defensive, but asking how they'd deliberately articulate that for their characters, first thought, five minutes go, that'll get them unfiltered. And then they can be more consciously aware of exactly that stuff, and if they're getting it layered over what they intended to do.

I felt smart. That was a teaching moment of smart. That my dream made up.

And then the cultural studies stuff about advertising can launch off into my whole discipline, and business stuff like demographics and budget and product placement, and the whole art of desire. You have to get the audience to want. Maybe not a particular consumable, but something about your production. Tuning desire is the whole underpinning of how to get a decent audience going.

And we were designing whatever we were going to film from scratch, so we could start with the demographics of the cast, and from there figure out who it could be classically expected to appeal to, and then what their concerns might be, and then what tensions there were in their lives and goals, and then what genre we could use to express that. Like starting out saying high school is hell, is going to be very compelling to high schoolers.

So now I'm all full of energy to not only design this random show but also use it all as teaching moments for cultural studies. Like waking up wanting to be a teacher. And I know that'll wear off by daylight, mostly, but it's also just realising there's quite a lot of stuff I did on my degree that I miss because outside academia people don't get into much depth. I mean fandom meta does/used to, but not much theoretical depth mostly. And I miss it. And I quite liked thinking thinky thoughts about drama. And I'd like to again, if it could be the sort I controlled what I actually had to focus on, and I could leave out all the triggery stuff.

Which is quite a lot to wake up realising, really.

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11:52 am
I've been reading more of Asimov's march/april 2017.
I'm up to page 107 and there have been two memorably interesting stories, but also two I skipped because I could see where they were going and no thanks.

Number Thirty Nine Skink, by Suzanne Palmer, had some lovely worldbuilding and felt packed with good bits.
The Ones Who Know Where They Are Going, Sarah Pinsker, is an answer to Omelas and I think will stay with me.

Three Can Keep A Secret was full of tricks but didn't make me feel anything.
Kitty Hawk... I know alternate history is SF, but, it left me vaguely dissatisfied and feeling like it somehow ignores that there's plenty of historical women that are not alternate. Eh, not my thing.

And then the skipped were Soulmates.com and Invasion of the Saucer Men.
I mentioned Soulmates.com before. There's an interesting story in the premise, but it's hers, not his, and it wouldn't look like this.
Invasion is just... Read more...Collapse )

I don't usually give up on stories, so, finding two in one publication is not awesome.

There's like another hundred pages to read so there's still plenty of room to be interesting.

I'm trying to stay awake long enough to finish the laundry and let the cleaner in, so I'm a bit grumpy right now.

I think I'd rather be reading fanfic. Always at least one bit of interest in fanfic.

... but not always suitable to be reading when employees turn up, so, I read other things...

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Monday, March 27th, 2017
10:26 am
I went to the library and looked at Which and chose a TV and bought the TV in a shop by talking to a human.
Now I feel blech because I spent a money and feel foolish for not being an expert on things I only buy very seldom.
But if I have bought a wrong thing then I shall try again, no problem, so.

I also paid for installation so they can make it work with the new fancy recorder box. The new things are Smart because all the new TVs are Smart apparently. I don't know why all things must be Smart now. It seems like more ways to go wrong. Why not just be a TV?

... I do not feel smart. I feel nauseous and tearful. I do not think this is a reasonable reaction to purchasing electricals though so I shall ignore it.

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Saturday, March 25th, 2017
5:46 am
I am also not helpful because I can't figure out tumblr well enough to communicate on there.
I thought I said a thing but it is now not there.
So I'm basically just thinking helpful thoughts at the ether.

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