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Galactica One

GALACTICA ONE 7-9 Oct 2005 Thistle Heathrow, London
An event for fans of the new Battlestar Galactia

Sam Witwer (Crashdown).
has also appeared in Dark Angel, Enterprise, and NCIS.

Tahmoh Penikett, (Lt Karl C. Agathon , call sign Helo).
has also appeared in Dark Angel, Smallville & Stargate SG-1.

Matthew Bennett, (Aaron Doral, one of the human form Cylons).

Aaron Douglas (CPO Tyrol)
also appeared in... Dark Angel, SG1, Smallville, Outer Limits, Dead Zone, Andromeda... bunches of things, imdb link above says.
Also a Jedi Chef.

Okay, my very short con report
Galactica One was a great convention. Unfortunately I wasn't there for half of it. Got sick. And my retention rate for what happened on the parts I was there for is way low, so, short report, and almost certainly containing errors. Don't take my word for anything, I'm way fuzzy on this weekend. And I don't even drink, so I call it unfair.

Friday night

When Aaron Douglas got introduced, the Jedi Chefs all stood next to the door and made an arch with lightsabers. Honor guard. :)

I talked much. To person sitting next to me, also to guests with varying success. I decided I couldn't think of many good questions, especially if the spoiler rule was in effect, so I'd ask the guests what would be good questions. Mostly they looked blank or said they'd come up with something later. Aaron Douglas however grabbed the notepad from me and scribbled away happily.

He wrote:

Ask Aaron the Stargate Paul Story (which he told us as soon as he got on stage Saturday unprompted)

Spoiler - Sam - Would Crash have shot Cally?
Spoiler - Sam - Would Chief have shot Crashdown?
Crash - How was shooting the 'plan' scene w/ Sergio & Aaron?
Tahmoh - Could you kick Aaron's ass in real life?
Tahmoh - What's it like kissing Grace Park?
Tahmoh - What's it like kissing Jamie Bamber?

Yeah, I double checked that one...
So, Saturday morning I handed them in to get asked, which it said in the welcome-to-the-convention thingy I could do if asking myself wouldn't work. Since I sometimes have to run away and hide, relying on me to ask things, not so worky. But sadly if any of these did get asked I was not there to hear them. *sigh/sulk*

Anyways, there was other talking.
Sam was all 'Are you in a band? No? Rock on!' and then moved on to the next table.
The guy that was a Cylon asked me about other fandoms. I showed him my tattoo. He asked if I liked the Highlander movies too. Before I could come up with an articulate answer to that one he had to move on. (I have an answer, it just goes into rather more detail than he likely intended to ask about). He also asked if we'd seen him in Stargate. Answer, that I didn't say out loud - well, technically yeah, because I've seen all the episodes, but memorably no. It seems sort of unfair to point out to a guest you wouldn't know them from Adam were they not in the context of the show. So I was quiet.
Tahmoh said he'd think of questions later.
I made coherent words to famous people. Go me.
They all said other stuff too, talked all round the table.
One of them talked about how easy it is to buy into the reality of the ships, because everything is built and real, all the displays are real, they see what we see. (I don't know who said this or when, but it was said.)

So, then, eventually, there was the dancing part of the evening. I think sometimes I was the only one dancing. But I had fun. I think mostly people went and did the talking thing. I was all wore out of talking.

Crashdown dancing to Thriller. Was something to watch.
I know at least one person got a video of it on their phone. Don't know if its out on the web tho.
All the guests hung out at the parties, at least at the two parties I was there for. Which was fun.
End of party, I went to sleep.

Next day, up bright and early.
Had breakfast, watched an episode. First of season 2. I've been watching on download because its physically impossible for me to get Sky anyway, so waiting is a bit futile. I'll buy the DVDs for sure so I call it fair. If there was some way to pay for downloads, I would so be there.

One of the actors pointed out that the people who make BSG are in the exact same boat. It isn't on in Canada at the same times as the USA. If they want to see their own show, they have to get copies from the set, and if their friends and family want to see it they are in the same download ethics bind as the rest of us. Said it was ridiculous that we would have to wait so long.
But I honestly can't remember who said that. Labelling error in my brain, memory untagged with distinctive visuals or anything. Just data. My brain was way off this weekend.

First talk was Tahmoh.
Tahmoh pretty.
The name is First Nations, like his mother. His last name, Penikett, is British.
Someone asked if Helo was nice but dim. Tahmoh points out Helo does a job with all the complicated tech. Says something like "He's an electronic communications officer. Do you know how hard it is to be an ECO?"
"Not very" comes from the tech desk
have suspicions about their day job now.
The suit with the shrapnel hole in it - when Helo got a chance to get a new suit Tahmoh kind of missed the ripped old one. He'd been wearing it a long time by then.
Most of his parts in season 1 were filmed in one day per ep. They'd go out and run around in the woods and film, all in one day. With hot/cold/wet conditions.
Tahmoh said a lot of other stuff, but recall it I do not. I went to make notes right after Crashdown's talk and that was all I got down. That and "recycling of Vancouver actors" but that note no longer prompts a memory.

Sam Witwer
the guy that plays Crashdown
was inspired to act because when he was 11 or 12 he met Wil Wheaton in his trailer filming Next Gen. He was getting a tour and the guy said something like 'Next Gen is filming over there. We can't go there.' But then WW was there and talked to him, and that was pretty much what got him thinking of acting. Because obviously he was young and Wesley was the character he identified with most so it was about the coolest thing ever.
For a while he gave up on the idea of acting as unrealistic and decided he'd be a rock star. Because obviously, more realistic. Went back to acting because he got into college on audition only, to a drama class.
he went to the same college drama class as Morena Baccharin.
When asked what the fans should say to her at the next convention, went off on one about how it was Not Cool she dated -guy name goes here- because if the other guys in the class had known she might do that a lot more of them would have been in the running (he reckoned the rule was No Dating Your Class, because then you were stuck with them however it worked out and it could all go Horribly Wrong).
In the lunch room, the drama students used to do slow motion gun fights. Like one drama student goes for his gun and the others dive out of the way, all in slow motion, and then the guy with two guns dives sideways, as you do, and someone would catch him and carry him along so that was in slow motion too. And they'd do this a lot. With all the other not-drama students around them.
It was really funny when he told it.
Most things were funny when he told them. Good at telling.

Someone was asking worst job / best job. Mostly people picked BSG for best job. For worst job, Sam had a doozy. A semi reality detective show, where they got a bunch of actors and a bunch of regular people and filmed them all the time, and the regular people didn't know who was an actor. They took everyone out to a tiny town in middle of nowhere. Sam and another actor were taxi drivers. As the filming wore on the taxis started to totally fall apart, like seriously, crashing involved, and they were refusing to drive on safety grounds. It was a nightmare job. And, Sam's characters had tattoos. Like, tribal tattoos for his face. But then once they were designed some Executive guy came in and decided it would be cool if he had 'Onward' tattooed on his forehead. Only backwards. So you could see it in the driver mirror when they were in the cab. Because he was always taking them 'Onward'. And everyone was sitting there doing the nodding thing, and Sam was like, desperately hoping someone would point out how lame this idea was.

He used to have really long hair. Right before getting on BSG he got it cut like a marine, shaved everywhere but on top, and he decided that was dumb so he shaved the top too to be Crashdown.
How Crash got his callsign - he doesn't know, but he went off on very funny thing about what happens when they run out of cool call signs. Punchline being Apollo saying he needs Periwinkle and Steve. (and another name I can't remember)
It was funnier when he told it. It would have been cool to record this con, but alas, didn't happen.
Jamie Bamber is apparently a comedy sniper. He's all about the sneak punchline that gets everyone laughing. Out of nowhere, bam, funny punchline.

Filming out in the wet with Aaron Douglas and that lot - doing the 'stare off into distance' and says "Cylons". end of take. Aaron stares at a different distance, face all serious. "Whats up?" Aaron points. Orange traffic cones all in a row. "Pylons."
everyone cracks up.
So then, some guys go in and move the cones around. Crash points. "Hey Chief. Pylons look like people now."
He tells it way better than I do. But way cool story.

Then, photo shoot. actually, waiting in the hall while strange things played, little clip things the tech guys had. Animated things with a polar bear who got beat up a lot. A music video for 'show me the way to amarillo' made by soldiers. strange things.
Then photos.
I have my nice signed group photo here. Is very cool. I'd like to point out that *I'm* smiling, its just my face that isn't. But still, cool, photo with BSG people.

So, then there was a break, and then there was a talk from Matthew Bennett, who played the Cylon PR guy.
I'm coming up way short on stuff he said.
I remember he said that there are basically two versions of his Cylon. There's the guy he is when he is with his own people, pure Cylon, and there's the human version. And he was treating being human like a game, like if he plays human well enough he'll get a prize.
he said many more things about Cylons and how much they think about it and all, but it fell out of my head.

Last of the day, Aaron Douglas
Soon as he gets on stage he launches into the 'Stargate Paul' story. Which is the guy from Stargate Atlantis with the Scots accent, and in large part depended on how he told it to be funniest. Also a confusion between Stargate and Star Trek. But its a good story.
Then stories that were actually about AD.
He answered the 'Boxers or briefs' question without us asking - Neither.
Unless he's in costume.
To get sound, the guys have to wear a pack either on their ankle or around their waist. In the green clothes he wears it round his ankle, but in the orange thing he wears it round his waist, because slimming (heavy sarcasm. you could get a lot lost in those suits.) So the sound guys have to put the belts on them. So, sound guy kneels in front of AD, who stands there chatting away. Asks him to open the suit, so AD does the standard superman *grasps edges and pulls* and the velcro comes undone all down. And AD chats but finds no one is talking back, but staring. Looks down. Oops. Not wearing anything. And the sound guy is *AD mimes this look of horror, cowering away* "I have seen things I should not see and cannot unsee" (I misquote). So AD tucks himself away and resolves to wear shorts on set.

Thats the bit I found memorable. I don't really recall much else said that day.

I did gather that AD is a huge SF fan, Star Wars especially. He says when he isn't at conventions he is a really quiet guy, he takes walks and reads books. His friends would be shocked at how he acts at conventions. But he loves it there, great fun.
So, I think he is One Of Us. Like, if he wasn't a guest, he'd probably be an attendee some time, or at least would fit right in if he'd tried it.

Also, word seems to get around about fans and fan conventions. Guest people go home and talk about them too. And say good things. Which is cool.

Only other thing I remember is they all say Bamber and Callis (not first names, which are practically the same anyways). And say Callis is insane, but in the cool way.

Other stuff happened. It does not remain in my brain. *sigh*

Then there were autographs. I mostly got the con poster signed, but I bought pics of Tahmoh (pretty!) and Matthew Bennett. Actually, to be honest, I bought a Daniel Jackson picture that happened to have MB in it too. But I got it signed, and he said he should 'do something' to MS. And I'm all, errr, how do I explain I was being all thrifty... I don't know if I had a Look on, or if the person just guessed, but the assisstant said that MS would be at a con in a few weeks. And MB said that then MS would do something to him in the picture and he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. But, didn't do anything. *phew*
Yeah, I know, it can't be fun being the other guy, but *shrugs*
I'll probably just buy a bunch more pics next month anyway. My con budget is screwed thanks to bad breakfast, but my overall budget is healthy looking, so I do not worry.

Back to my room, sleep, get up for the party. Which started considerable later than it started, sort of thing. I mean the room was there but the party wasn't.
Still, was fun later. Dancing. Including a dance competition. A drunk grabby guy got hold of me to say, at some length, that I should win any dance competition, and anyone who didn't think so hadn't seen me dancing. I was like, shoo, away, dancing! I'm sure they meant well, but, grabbing, even arms, very uncool, specially since it was meant to stop me from moving away. But aside from that, lots of dancing. Didn't win anything. I don't like competitions because some people don't win. And, okay, because *I* don't win. I have Issues about winning.

Aaron brought the coolest stuff with him. He had his old dog tags, the ones that say C Tyrol because as far as he knew his first name was Chief. Now they say G Tyrol. The metal tags cost about $65 each and the extras were wandering off with them, so now there are pat down searches of extras as they leave, and plastic tags. He mostly brought paper stuff, scripts and stuff. And a DVD with the dailies on it. People won all that. I was all *bounces in seat* when he said what stuff he had, but I did not win things. *sigh*

So, people did dance, and he said it would be two songs for the competition but it was four, but most of them I would have danced to anyway. This weekend I did bring a scarf to dance with. I like dancing, I've just not got the hang of 'with' as applying to people. I like pretty sparkly red scarf to go with my silver clothes or my red velvet stuff. I'm all shiny, and I move to the music. Dancing is fun. Just, I have to not think about people looking. Even if some of them apparently do like it. I think its the wiggling. I left the corset at home this time, but the wiggling still works.

Stayed right to the end of the dancing, when the famous people came in, and there was irish music and more different dancing and singing along. That was fun.

Then there was no more music, but sitting and talking.

Someone had handcuffs with their costume. Real working ones. So someone borrowed them and wandered over to Aaron. Who handcuffed his brother to some lady. Without checking if there was a key, let alone who had it. Hilarity ensued.
*note to self, do pretty keys, send some to Aaron*

0330, Tahmoh leaves, and so do I. Didn't plan it that way, just, I suck at the talking parts of life, and I don't participate in the drinking parts, so the partying parts are difficult. So I left early.
Yes, early. The previous night Aaron stayed until past 6 in the morning.

Sunday morning was when things went horribly wrong. I got up, I had breakfast, I had increasing nausea and went back to my room, I had being Very Very Sick for the rest of the day. Which was annoying. I was the other side of the building from a *convention* full of *fun people* and I was stuck in my room discovering that there are no cleaning staff at the Thistle between 3ish and 4.30 in the afternoon. Which actually was what got me back to the main hall for a bit. The schedule said it was the closing ceremony, my room was... bad, and I needed to buy some water anyway. So, water, pick up photo, sit in main hall. Very amusing things were happening. There was mockery of Helo's 'hero' face from the mini - Sam and Aaron stood there blowing being wind and Tahmoh did that heroic yet blinded by wind squinting face. Apparently the mockery about that is endless.
They talked about filming in the cold wet mud when they filmed the crash and that at the end of season one. Apparently Crashdown had pneumonia but didn't realise it. Also, fell down a ditch. There was a ditch right in front of them when they're filming one scene, and he fell down, like splat. And Aaron's first reaction to injury is laughter. Like point, laugh, pause to check they're still living, point and laugh again. Which sometimes, kind of a problem. Baltar managed to give himself a concussion on a projecting bit of metal in the... raptor I think? He stood up, it was right direct above his head, knocked himself silly. Blood and cuts and concussion. Badness. So then Baltar is concussed and Crashdown has pneumonia and I guess it works for the situation, but it reminds me why I wouldn't want to be an actor.
There was a funny done in the crash scene where the 'dead' pilot, after someone says cut, turns around and... was it a packet of mints? I don't know, I was busy feeling ill, I missed half of that one.
Then the actors got a script and were reading as different characters. Tahmoh as 6 has to be seen to be believed. It was great.
It was also too much for my stomach. Laughing yourself sick isn't supposed to be literal. So, however/whenever things actually ended, I went back to my room around 1630 and stayed there.
Until Tuesday.
That sucked really really a lot.
I attempted to leave on monday, but upright really wasn't working for me, and I hadn't been able to keep any food down, even half a banana. Er, which y'all don't really need to know. But, wobbly and train platforms are unmixy, just for starters, so leave I did not.
Hotel rooms are *BORING*. REally, really, really boring. I read the book I'd brought with me. I slept a whole ton. I drank a lot of water (which costs ridiculous amounts at hotels). I flipped through the pay-for films until I concluded none of them were worth paying for. I was so, so, so bored.
But then on Tuesday I managed to get up and get home, thank goodness, and eventually consume food. I've never been so grateful for half a bowl of porridge. Still wasn't well enough to go to college, which makes two weeks in a row. And I had to spend out on another night at the hotel. Which is uncool.

Its annoying that what started as a great weekend went so wonky.

But, great weekend, for the Friday and Saturday parts. Great guests, good fun, extra cool for being smaller, even though I'm sure the organisers money would prefer more attendees. It was a good con, and I'm going to the next unless there are scheduling conflicts.
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