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Today fiction is just not working for me.
Like I don't know if I hit a run of nothingy stories or if I just didn't react to anything today.
It don't help that I was trying to clear out some older stories from my 33 page Marked for Later list; fixits for the first Avenger movie don't have quite the same emotional weight from here.

The one story I read in Analog had plenty of feels, or rather made plenty, by having its point of view character be relentlessly cheerful. The 'verse has a drug for anything, see, including instant loyalty, or feeling a sense of parental responsibility. So they just drug their soldiers to be happy in their work and then drug them some more so they just get out of the way and let the fight happen through them. It's infinitely creepy, because the pov is not capable of thinking its creepy at all.
It's not every story that can make winning handily and ending happy be something you go hide in fanfic to recover from.
Tony Ballantyne, The Human Way.

The physical copy of Analog is looking a bit the worse for wear. I read careful, but there's ink coming off the finger place on the back cover, and the thin covers are going a bit wrinkly edged. I haven't even finished it yet.

I know it's a magazine and probably thinks its ephemera, but I have copies from well before I was born, so I'm hoping to collect these just as careful. But I'm not quite sure they're up to that.

Shall see.

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