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There were two convention babies, under threes, at Redemption. And they are so tiny, and so cute, and so make me glad I didn't have one of those.

They are tiny fragile messy utterly dependent free willed entities who can walk out of sight and towards stairs. The amount of work inherent in just keeping them alive is terrifying. And did I mention messy? Humans remain messy for a really long time.

And when loud is the only means of communication they are very persistent about it. Tiniest decided they liked ice cream, which is grand, but then they were Most Loud until more ice cream happened, which worked so yaay for tool use, but still, how do parents even? And that's when the cause and effect are obvious. If not obvious, many more loud.

And I'm not knocking them, because see tiny cuteness, fascinated by everything, they are perfectly awesome babies as babies go.

But they remain babies for a really long time. Like, really. Like, you can get degrees faster than they can even vaguely look after themselves.

I am so not suited to a time investment like that.

I'll stick with books.

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