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By many standards today has been most successful already.
I woke up around four so it has had many hours by lunchtime for to get stuff done.
But I've done the remaining Sunday tasks and the Monday tasks as far as one load of laundry and also done some bonus backing things up, which took some fiddling around.

I'd consider the rest of the day bonus, but instead I need to get packing done ready for Thursday, meaning starting with Laundry Day is a good plan, so I still have a big long to do list and a bunch of choices to make. The tension on the build up to going to a convention is not my favourite part.

But on Thursday I'm going to a convention, where many and many conversations will happen. So I can look forward to that part.

I think it's bugging me that a lot of my party clothes are a lot more feminine than I'm feeling at the moment. And I haven't replaced my waistcoats so I've only got the one. I've got an excellent hat for the Pirate Party, and a coat that nearly matches it, and I'll pack my easiest to fold trousers, but I vaguely feel like party means skirts and I'm not looking forward to that. Which obviously is all in my head, I can skirts if I want to, but I don't have to want to. That's why I've got so many party trousers.

Also unhelpful is it's a new venue so I'll have to pack for interior temperatures ranging from freezing to boiling.

And I'm not looking forwards to the trying things on phase. I seldom mind what weight I am per se, but I do mind when my clothes stop working.

Ah well. Onwards.

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