beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

four! complete! bookcases!

filled and alphabetised!

that's 654 books inventoried, and three weeded from the Heinlein, where they'd been duplicates since at least 1988. I think there's one more duplicate but weeding is stressful... what if I somehow discard the wrong book?

There is a lot of Heinlein. I don't know if I want it even. I should read some more of these 'classics' I inherited and see what they are actually like. I think last time I read Heinlein it was Starship Troopers only, and I was a kid. Judging by the lack of clothes on some of these covers I suspect many are not kid friendly. Though covers do tend to be like that.

Two of the duplicates were just read to death, one was replaced with a hardback, and two had different covers so probably someone forgot.

It's weird reading dad's books without knowing what dad thought of them. I mean, sometimes I just want to ask him what he was thinking, and other times I hope the only reason it's still here is he was worse at getting rid of books than I am.

But he did get rid of rather a lot right at the end, so it's a weird lopsided set I'm left with.

Alcohol sucks.

Books are awesome.

My bedroom has a wall of books and my books are correctly shelved and alphabetised up through Huff.


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