beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Just got a phone survey call (at half past eight on a friday night ffs) on behalf of some kind of higher education whatsit to ask what I've been doing since I got my degree.

I told them 'being disabled at home'
they said there were actual questions
and I told them that's literally the complete answer to all of them.

I mean, I know I'm either screwing up their survey design or I'll just count as refusing to answer, but seriously
I do not need to answer that question tonight.

What have I been doing in the three, nearly four years since graduation?

Being disabled.
at home.

already I am depressed from answering that much, I choose to just skip whatever rubbing it in would otherwise ensue.

I know I do nothing with my life and have no plan despite the statistical probability of another fifty years on this earth. i deal with it by trying not to think about it much.

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