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Big Finish on the bus this week

BFA 46 Flip Flop

I'm not sure this one worked. As a story the telling it from two different views in two different timelines just meant you basically knew what was happening when you listened to the other one and a lot of the interesting fell out. Also I felt the treatment of the Slithergees was poisonous. All that language about being a poor oppressed minority, poor blind Slithergee, anti hate crimes, but it's language being used to cover up their oppression of others. And if they weren't actually disabled and weren't actual immigrants then it would play differently, if they were from a dominant group from the here-now and just played that poor oppressed us language it would call that 'reverse racism' language into question, but it didn't do that at all. It was the same poison you see spouted for serious in tabloids, every last thing about reverse discrimination and being hired because of being a minority and edging the locals out of their jobs and people being forced to make accomodations even if it wrecks their lives and then the bit about cancelling christmas. christmas was cancelled in both timelines, so that was slightly more complicated than it looked, but mostly it's just tabloid language being used about slugs that are as mean as they are ugly and it's just poisonous. It's hard to find an angle to read it that doesn't reflect badly on actual disabled people or minorities or whatever. Like it's calling them slugs that take everything over. There's no funny there.

as temporal physics I'm pretty sure it doesn't work within the DW 'verse, or within its own story. At the end they both take the TARDIS away to go back to the exact same spot in spacetime, yesno? And that was what the Doctor was worried would cause really big kaboom? So it should result in really big kaboom whichever order you listen to it in. It never resolves, it never settles out on one timeline, and that's interesting, but it doesn't work. So I don't know.

I did like how they got to a point where they thought undoing it with time travel was the only answer, and being the exact same people in the other universe they got to the exact same point. no good answers. lose-lose.

Except usually the point where the Doctor would turn up and have an adventure was at that initial choice, offering a third option, that would actually work. So dropping him in when there's nothing left to be done is interesting.

I did like that the Doctor decided to leave it to his other self both ways up. Because there's nothing happened that would change him, he only had a long day, so he decides the same thing both times and runs away. it works.

It just doesn't resolve the story.

and then I heard

BFA 47 Omega

I think I liked this one. Using audio to do a story that would be given away in nothing flat in video. I didn't guess. Well, I guessed it was the Doctor's body doing the bad things, with Omega possessing him while he was unconscious, but that wasn't the actual thing as it turned out precisely. So that's fun.

I liked how Omega got his name and the elaboration on Time Lord myth and legend and history and how by the end nothing was clear and anything could still have happened. Also I liked the other TARDIS reacting to her pilot's death. I'm not so sure I liked the very end bit with more Time Lords but it did do interesting things to story and history and what it all means to people.

The story was trying to be a story about stories, so it will need some unwrapping and shaking a bit to see if I got it. That's fun.

It was gruesome though. Of all the screaming and shooting that usually goes on somehow a hand in a waste disposal is extra more shuddery, because so simples.

Also I re-listened to Torchwood: The Dead Line, basically while I was doing the shopping. Ianto's speech to Jack is still really good. Mixes oddly with trying to remember your shopping list though.

I miss Torchwood. I miss being all excited about Torchwood. I have successfully repressed Children of Earth but that just makes it a really extra long time since there was actual Torchwood. *sigh*

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