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Saturday, February 13th, 2016
7:37 pm
Today I watched Push, the one where Chris Evans plays a mutant only less trademarked.

The way they carve up the psychic powers is what makes the ending work, and some of those powers are a bit more sweeping than others - the forger is just mindblowing in the implications, way more so than anyone else - but they demonstrate their setup and then play through it fair.

The characters were acceptably interesting for a movie length thing, and the setup has plenty of play in it.

Plus it's very visually stylish, so that's cool.

Even the part I had a problem with, the way the romance was set up, worked well for the plot, so I guess I'm not even complaining about that.

Pretty good movie.

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Friday, February 12th, 2016
3:12 pm
This is not working out
okay, I need to get the bedroom sorted out.
it would help if companies answered their emails in a timely fashion.
it would really really help if companies picked up their returns in a timely fashion, Argos, grrr

where I'm sleeping now is right next to the front door to the whole building, so anyone going in or out wakes me up. it's right next to the hall, so anyone doing anything in the hall wakes me up. And it's right under the really loud neighbours, who talk so loud they wake me up, as well as playing songs on repeat, loudly, past 10 at night.

and sleeping on the floor is reminding me why getting the tall bed was super helpful, because the underneath car park is in fact super loud, usually with unidentifiable noises you are left to fear will end in fire or body disposal.

I am not getting to sleep until I'm super exhausted. Then I'm getting woken up. Again and again.

So today I woke up at like 2pm? Because of a particularly unidentifiable noise that was the recorder box doing a thing. Oh yeah, I'm also in the same room as all the noise boxes, which I'd either have to turn off (so they don't do the recordering) or just try and sleep through.

This seemed like a good plan for a couple of nights, but now it's going to be until the end of the month? Because Argos aren't taking their bed away? It's in flatpack boxes again though, it's pretty small, I can get another bed, as long as I ignore the way they're not refunding this one until then.

I haven't decided about new carpet yet though. I mean, I need to get rid of hte old carpet, but I haven't yet determined which new flooring is safe for my allergies.

And the new beds I'm choosing between? Have several weeks wait time before delivery at best.

If the bed I chose was the quality I wanted then the timing would have worked out fine. Old bed went right after new bed arrived, all tidy. But noooooo.

because 'wood' does not actually mean recognisable wood, in some catalogues, sometimes.

So I'm tired, I'm cranky, all my belongings are in the living room reminding me how much Stuff I have, which has had the desired effect of making me determined to get rid of a lot of stuff, but that just means it's in the hall reminding me I never leave the house to get rid of Stuff, and by the time I wake up anyway it's nearly shops shut time.

And all of this constantly grindingly reminding me I should be in a new flat by now if ANY of my plans had worked over the previous seven years.

... and also reminding me it's a big scary world out there so who even knows if that would have been an improvement? Maybe I'd have all the same problems, worse heat, and less money. That's a thing that could happen.


I would like to win the lottery or premium bonds so I can fix this kind of problem for several disabled people at once. That would be nice.

But right now I would like to make a plan that works and results in me having a bed in a bedroom with usable flooring.

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Current Mood: grumpy
Sunday, February 7th, 2016
3:45 pm
Sunday shopping achieved
My back seems fine until I try to do things with it, and then annoying pinching feelings happen.
Mum pulled the trolley for me, so that worked out. Mum is very helpful. I kind of would rather have an employee so I wouldn't have to ask mum to be very helpful quite so often.
I bought mum a daffodils.

We're not watching a movie this week because I threw away the chairs. The chair I sit on to type I have been trying to replace for quite some time, and wouldn't inflict on a guest. There's also no floor space left so nowhere to sit down neither.

I must fix these things, I do very little and my house must remain suited to it.

I feel I've forgotten to buy a bunch of things, but I got the things on the list, so.

They do not have double chocolate brownie bites. Not for a week and a half, the bloke in the shop says. It would be sad if they stopped selling the one thing I eat.

... I realise it would be more useful to have more than one thing I eat, but, that's a lot more challenging. Been working on it, still hasn't worked.

Oh I know what I forgot, I was going to get jam tarts and sugar puffs at one point, because food is boring and annoying. But I think I'm better off forgetting the sugar.

My magazine was in so that's my afternoon sorted.

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Friday, February 5th, 2016
3:13 pm
Last night's dreams
I woke up at about 0630 after dreaming of horrible mundane things, like lost children and doors that won't stay closed, and had a panic attack about completely different yet still horrible mundane things. Ended up getting up and backing up a bunch of stuff. Got back to sleep a couple hours later.

Dreamt of Christian Kane as a werewolf, but can't remember much of that now, just that it was cool and kick arse.

Also dreamt of 80s Mark Hamill in the most grey soft pastel jumpers showing me around his secret city. Because he was secretly from another hidden civilisation. They were super advanced and they were hiding so they didn't mess with our development. They had ziggurats. Also monorails. And lifts that could take you to any convention hotel on Earth. People wore tunics, some of them in warm knit patterns. Which is clearly a mark of Advanced Civilisation.

For a morning that mostly involved being woken up by the front door (calling number dum dum dum) that was at least 2/3 okay.

I think I liked the nice hand holding while being shown around row upon row of (pastel and grey) clothes the best. Just a very relaxing (albeit fashion free) dream.

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2:47 pm
buying the bed: can has next week
returning bed: maaaaybe by end of month. and refunded after picked up.


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Thursday, February 4th, 2016
5:48 pm
my new bed turns out to be made of 'wood'
if argos means it is actually wood it says 'solid wood', which I had not noticed as relevant, so I have instead 'wood' which is a bit less good.
Mum says it will fall apart in a month so I shall send it back.

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Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016
3:43 pm
Furniture tasks AND Tuesday tasks achieved
Cleaner day worked, basically, though I need to figure out how to get the microwave to smell better.

Mum visited and helped invert the furniture, unpack it, move existing furniture, and move the new stuff into place. That's a lot of works. We got grumpy at each other in the middle :-( but I apologised and said thanks. Mum just has a different idea of correct sequence and safety margins. But nothing is broken and everything is done so mum's way works fine too.

The new furniture fits where I thought it would and holds as many CDs as I thought :-)
It looks very slightly different from the one I ordered first. From the same website. On the same page.
It's 2mm taller and the curve layer is a different curve and the handles are a different texture.
But nobody else is ever going to notice, so that's fine.
Letting it go...

The old bed has been taken away :-)
That took some doing. It has like dozens of screws in it and some very large pieces.
I unscrewed like 30 screws in advance, that was Many. I helped hold up one skinny pieces one time and my back pointed out that just because it wasn't hurting this morning didn't mean I could do all the things. That was foolish of me so I went and sat down again. But then mum and the furniture guy did all the work.

Now my bedroom looks huge, and has tons of space in. Kind of sad to put all the boxes back in later. Oh well.

The new bed very probably ought to fit. I think. I hope.
I have measured but you know what it's like when you put the thing together and it doesn't leave room to walk after all.

I also want new carpet and wallpaper in there, but don't know what order to do things in. Assemble bed so we know if it works in time to return it? Probably good idea. New mattress? Would make bed more useful. But then there's moving things out of the way for new carpet and wallpaper, and unless it can go up on one end, that's not so easy. Would be easier to do while flatpacked, but then might end up with £300 of unworky furniture. And very probably carpet is not a quick thing anyways.

Bedroom never got finished of painting. That has been vaguely embarrassing for at least 15 years. Probably I should make it either all the same color or look like I planned it.

But today's tasks are achieved. And the CDs are put away in the new drawers. And the old drawers are gone.

There is no more plastic furniture in the house. Very win.

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10:49 am
My delivery furniture is here :-)
I went and signed for it without reading the box carefully enough
it says 'fragile' and 'this way up'
and guess which way those arrows are pointing?

of course I don't think the furniture is in fact fragile. It's a big oak set of drawers, the top is flat, it is logically speaking resting on its top now. It just means I'll need someone who can rotate 31kg of furniture before I can put this anywhere.

delivery is hard.

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9:38 am
Nice dream
Dreamt I was third in command on a Federation era freighter, Captained by Han Solo with Chewbacca as his second.

This left very little actual work to do, because if Solo could have got the Federation contracts with only the two of them on board, he would have. But no. Health and Safety. Read more...Collapse )

The ship specialised in being the second starship to visit a planet. Like, Starfleet is out there on the edges doing the mapping, but somebody has to follow up with the trade goods outlined in those first contact missions. Read more...Collapse ) Captain Solo, he just might have a route or three that's good trading, but just a little off Starfleet's maps. And besides, it's good for civilisations on that borderline, if they're already in contact with space then they get a much better deal from the Feds.

... smuggling, Starfleet style.

So after that the dream turned into a lot of being arrested and marching back and forth from cells Read more...Collapse )

That bit was pretty boring actually, and that was most of the dream. So, less a nice dream than a nice setup.

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Monday, February 1st, 2016
2:30 pm
This morning was Busy, but surprisingly very nearly not painful, yaay!

I woke up before the alarm again again. This sleeping on the floor under the window is doing great things for my routine.

The delivery I was expecting arrived an hour and a half early, which I'd usually call a bit of a cheek, but I'm feeling pretty chill today. It was lucky because 30 seconds later I'd have been in the bathroom, preparing for the scheduled three hours of waiting. Delivery people never seem to think of that.

Delivery is the new bed. The old bed is still here. I've taken out as many screws as seems structurally even slightly a good idea, but there's a lot of screws in that thing. Also I can't take it to pieces because very big pieces. So old bed should be taken away Real Soon Now, and then I can see if new bed fits. ... I measured, but I'm aware of my track record on this front.

Someone from the landlord came round and asked about the chairs that are outside waiting for the council to take them away. I had put a sign on them saying when the council were picking them up, but the sign has gone and the chairs haven't. They'll be gone tomorrow morning though, so that should work out fine. Landlord person happy.

I started laundry and dishwashering as is correct for Mondays. My back is surprisingly little bothered by that much bending. Yaay for healing.

And then mum came and finally took away the heater/cooler thingy that I've been trying to get rid of for long long long now. It probably still works, but I haven't used it for years, so mum said it would be useful at the shop, but then Stuff happened and the thingy sat in the hall waiting on Stuff to resolve. And then she thought she'd need a car, and we don't got a car, so my aunt helped, but then we needed to take the unsuccessful office chair back much more than we needed to get rid of the thingy. Today though mum has confidently picked the thing up and walked off with it. So hopefully that will work out.

I think I'm resigned to the thing where all house moving plans have failed. The mortgage people still won't say it has failed, but plan version the first has failed for sure, and plan version the second has still, a year later, not happened. At some point they really ought to give up and refund me. But I'm all *sigh* about the giving up, because I still don't really want to stay in this flat. It has downsides. It's frustrating. But short of winning the premium bonds and/or lottery, I don't think I'm getting out of here.

... okay 'resigned to' is probably not quite correct. But I'm closer to giving up and spending the money on other things. Since I actually need other things, that would be useful. If I spend it slowly enough I could get the things and still have the money, but for some reason furniture has fashions and keeps on disappearing, so if I want these things I better actually buy them. Which has been the plan. But first I need actually sufficient floor space.

... I really need to stop being dragony about the piano. I've found somewhere that will take it away. It should be gone by now. But nooooo. Because I feel weird about it. Even though I don't like the thing.


Still, steady progress

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Sunday, January 31st, 2016
8:30 pm
Sunday tasks were cancelled because back pain.
It's not that it hurts a whole lot, it's just that once you start the routine, you're in the shop for two hours, and if things went wronger then that's just inconvenient.

I am hoping to wake up all fixed tomorrow. Or the next day.

I re-read 'Over Sea, Under Stone', partly because Yuletide fic and partly because it's a skinny small book so it's easy to hold up.

It struck me as creepy on a different level than it did before, ways the kids wouldn't have noticed. But it's like one long lesson in 'If a child thinks a grown up is creepy, listen'
Read more...Collapse )
I read the book in school and it was an adventure story, and I re-read it now and it's like a Stranger Danger class with bonus adventure. But in a good way.

There's a ton of times though that the whole story wouldn't work if you shifted the era. Mobile phones would have solved a great many problems. Also the ability to look up the tide times online would have taken some of the stress out of the climax, though you'd still have a ticking clock, it just wouldn't depend on the observational skills of a small child who might not ever have been to the coast before.

... actually you could time shift it very simples if the parents decided that their holiday at the seaside was going to be a holiday from screen time. Plausible, leaves the kids at a loose end the way they'd have to be. And you still couldn't solve teh treasure hunt with Google Earth or Streetview, not least because the 'street' part, but also because there's a time element.


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Saturday, January 30th, 2016
5:15 pm
My back is improved and spends lots of time not hurting, as long as I don't sit in a chair or do... most things. So. Helpful.

Typing and keeping up with the computer involves sitting in a chair. So that's being limited for a while.

But I did phone and arrange to have my bed taken away, only slightly after the new bed arrives, so that should work out nicely. :eyeroll:

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Friday, January 29th, 2016
1:31 pm
Well that's lovely
My aunt visited :-)
We spent the whole time she was here commiserating about back ouch and overseeing mum assembling a chair. I helped as much as one can while staying mostly lying down (not much at all) and my aunt read the instructions (very help).

My aunt also did the phoning and the driving the car to return it when it turned out the two arms labelled 'L' and 'R' were in fact both 'R' and the chair would not assemble.

... this is the same chair that hurt my back to get it in here when it was delivered.
... *sigh*

I gave them cake and thanks.

I went all the way to Argos and did the returning the things.

This is more difficult when back ouch.

My aunt's car seat is very comfy though.

So, now I get to choose a new and different chair (that model having been discontinued) and pay much more attention when it says you have to assemble it because it may mean it's in more pieces than you had ever observed on a chair.

So that's fun.

Also the people who were going to take my bed away still haven't took my bed away. I should probably phone and ask about that. Seeing as new bed is on Monday.

... things never do fit together quite right.

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9:03 am
I read in the Guardian several rounds of 'discussion' about a school head teacher saying parents must not wear pyjamas to school.

They're all about 'boundaries' and where a teacher should just mind their own business and so forth, and they all miss the blooming obvious question as far as I can figure: how do they know they're pyjamas?

What are pyjamas, when you get right down to it? Trousers and a top. Trousers and a top are perfectly reasonable to wear anywhere.

Read more...Collapse )

Also, in other annoyance, the article that started 'how long can it take to get dressed? five minutes?'
has never tried it with a bad back, or other mobility issue.
It also suggested that people wearing pyjamas was diagnostic of depression, which ... :eyeroll:

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Thursday, January 28th, 2016
2:45 pm
Mum did visit and now I have a new (to me) chair. It's too small for my giant behind but my relatives can sit on it fine and have been for most of my life. Also it coordinates with the new furniture I intend to get, without it being matching exactly. Also it is light and easy to move around. Also it will stay still when I use it to lean on, unlike every other chair I currently own. The piano stool tips and the computer chair is on wheels.

Mum helped clear the area around and under teh old bed, ready for people to take the bed away. The mattress is on the floor in the front room until the new stuff arrives. It would help if the take things away people had contacted me again, but I won't worry about that until tomorrow.

My back still hurts so not having to climb up steps and clamber in and out of the old cabin bed will be a great improvement. I hope. Also I can put movies on and watch them lying down if I want to. Probably, I haven't checked the sightlines yet.

useful and productive and with chatting

and tomorrow even more relatives and get rid of even more things


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Monday, January 25th, 2016
5:27 pm
There's an article on the Guardian website right now about monkeys genetically engineered to be autistic.
And it has induced in me that odd combination of rage and exhaustion that kind of cancels to mild annoyance whilst being really really sincere in its objections.

Monkeys are not autistic. Monkeys cannot be autistic. Autism is a disorder of exactly those capacities which monkeys do not share with humans.

Further, they have 'genetically engineered' these monkeys to give them something that is not autism, which is stated clearly in the first paragraph: "The macaques carry a genetic fault that causes a rare disorder in humans called MeCP2 duplication syndrome. This produces a wide range of medical conditions, some of which mirror those seen in autism" Not Autism, just something with some symptom overlap, as well as a ton of irrelevant conditions.

Any research done on these poor sod monkeys is done on something that is not autism.

Trying to go from there to so called animal models of autism is absolutely bloody ridiculous from the get go.

Autism is a disorder of language and social interaction. Monkeys don't have language and don't have our complexity of social interaction. They don't have the stuff to impair, so they don't have the same impairments, so they don't have autism.

Honestly, to make a monkey that could be autistic, they'd have to make a bloody Uplifted monkey, and then screw them up.

... oh ugh, that seems entirely plausible of a motive for making Uplifts, since the article was just going on about how hard it is to make animal models of mental illnesses. Now I've got really depressing plot bunnies...

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11:52 am
This morning's dream involved answering the door to find Amazon's latest innovation in delivery methods: A Griffin.

Read more...Collapse )

But the bit with the griffin was a proper story. Biotech delivery drones that turn out smarter, or at least more powerful, than intended. Plot.

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Sunday, January 24th, 2016
6:46 pm
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I didn't want to say in advance in case it didn't worked again again
I finally got to see Star Wars

I got to see all the words! Yaays!
Today the subtitled showing let out early enough to catch a bus home, so mum agreed it was good to go to, even though we have to bring my brother on a Sunday and he'd seen it already. Mum reckons today was the 3rd time he saw it. But he was entirely happy to go see it again. which makes sense.

Awesome movie is awesome :-)

Read more...Collapse )

Am very glad I saw the movie, even though it does throw my weekly routine out. I'm all out of foods except egg potato things and pasta spirals. I was out of Ribena until I bought some for watching the movie with.

Before the film we went to the TV&Movie Store but I didn't know that was part of the plan so I didn't bring my shopping list and left without buying anything. Brother didn't want to buy things. Mum said he needed a bag and a warm thing and he could buy Many of DVDs, but he only chose a DVD in the last five minutes and didn't choose a bag or a warm at all.

... I kind of want a Stark Industries hoodie but I also kind of want an Avengers jacket and actually kind of need things that are not hoodies or jackets at all. But I meant to buy a t-shirt but got distracted cause mum told me to get brother on task. Mum was not pleased when I asked if he wanted a hat because she said he'd look stupid in hats. I am not pleased that look stupid is an override on warms. But he didn't want hats anyway.
... I'd want hats but they are either warm or have a brim, neither are both, so not suitable.

Now I am tired but in that way that's full of up movie and a lot :-D


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Friday, January 22nd, 2016
12:50 pm
Refreshing dream
Woke up at 0700, decided that was far too early in the morning given how late I was up reading, went back to bed until, as it turns out, 12.

I dreamt I was Loki, more or less. Not Loki like the legends or the comics precisely. Loki son of a king, not widely respected, actually widely thought mad.

He'd got bored. Really, thoroughly bored. Being son of the king was something he'd done for a thousand years, and he'd done all the corners of it. And one day he picked up a set of dice, not just with the numbers on but decision dice, and they were a multipack for different castes/races, but the ruling caste had only the one dice compared to up to half a dozen for the others. And looking at it he realised he'd only ever roll the one option anyway. And he was just done with that.

So to start with he tried being daughter of the king. People pretty much ignored it. Especially the king.

The only one that seemed encouraging was his husband. Loki was married to a being somewhat difficult to describe. He looked rather like the Ghost of Christmas Future in the Muppet Christmas Carol, only darker and softer and richer and stranger. He spoke kind of like he should be ALL IN CAPS but deeper and more layered. And everyone considered him somewhat terrifying, for no reason Loki could ever figure out. As far as they were concerned their husband was a great big floof of a softie. Quite possibly an anthropomorphic - or immortalish elf equivalent - personification of the end of an individual life, but mostly just kind of lovely. They had a very happy marriage, which baffled outsiders, who quite apart from the terror thing always eventually sidled up to the question of what exactly was under the robe, possibly with a hint of wondering why they didn't seem to mind what was under Loki's. Their mistake of course was to consider sex a necessary part of marriage. Lifelong alliance is a much more important part, and their husband supported them utterly and forever, so it was a very good marriage indeed.

But the rest of their life was not so good. Rolling one of two options was not turning out sufficiently diverting at all.

Until one day they were needed urgently in defence of the realm, and they needed to be two places at once. So they were. Loki, the prince, stood his ground with his soldiers at the inner gate, using his powers of ice to fill the gap, while Lady Loki ran for the outer gate to seal the breach more permanently. They were too busy to really think about it, so it just got done. And once the battle was won, Loki walked up to his Lady and found that one of her walked away, entirely too fed up at him to have anything more to do with him, while the other of her came back, merely angry at the whole rest of the world. He called her both Wrath and was oddly delighted by developments. Here they were doing so many different things already. He wondered how far it could go.

So he went back to his husband, hugged him soundly, and then leapt off a bridge into deep water. And surfaced pretty much everywhere.

There was a Loki lifting pans in the kitchen. There was a Loki in the armoury sharpening swords. There was a Loki for the dwarves and a Loki for the humans and still, probably, around here somewhere, a Loki prince of the elves, but he was business as usual and got by far the least attention. Having realised there were so very many ways of life he had decided to live them. All at once. Because why wait?

... the suggestion that for some people the 'why' was physical necessity was of course laughed off.

And this change his father could not ignore, not least because they had a kind of sort of democracy. The people could vote for their representatives, from candidates nominated by the existing representatives, and then the representatives could vote for a king. For a great many millennia this had of course resulted in elves ruling everything, since they lived the longest and knew the most and hardly ever needed replacing anyway and, crucially, only ever knew other elves well enough to trust them with anything, because who gets to know people who'll be gone in a century anyway? But there to put the cat among the pigeons was Loki. As Prince he was of course eligible to nominate and to vote, but now he knew people everywhere. And a great many of them were him, so of course he thought they had excellent ideas. And he could rather outnumber all the other voters. And they hadn't got a rule for that.

Plus his husband, ever supportive, seemed delighted and amused in the background.

And that was before all the Ladies had checked in. This business of Kings to rule them all seemed rather different from over there.

So from the point of view of human Loki climbing out the river, the world was rich and strange, all his senses renewed, though something seemed muted and odd. Turned out to be his sense for magic, which as a human he could no longer do. But he had so many new ideas, being such a swiftly changing type. It was delightful.

And almost as good was his father's face when he went home. Here was something he couldn't ignore.

So I woke up before Loki either reunited or started a revolution or both, but that was just fun. Be all the people, why not?


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Thursday, January 21st, 2016
8:59 pm
Doctor Who: Mind of Evil 4/6
I have watched 4/6 of Mind of Evil
Read more...Collapse )

I quite like this one, I'm just yawning and distracted.

Maybe the last two episodes will change things, but right now I need sleeps instead.

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