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Tuesday, October 13th, 2015
12:17 pm
I feel all steamrollered. Exhausted.

I think I saved teh world repeatedly last night.

I remember the one with MacGyver, there was me and me mum and me brother running around a department store attic where instead of seasonal displays there was old furniture, taxidermy and death traps. I figured out one trap that was about to kill Pete on account of me being shorter than everyone else and it being easy to see from down there. Then my brother disappeared, last seen playing with a taxidermy snake, and the death trap maker started yelling at everyone to return their amulet before a very precise deadline or regret the consequences. I was just real sleepy and kept trying to find a corner to curl up in, and ended up with my head on Mac's knees where he was kneeling on the floor while he fiddled with some wires thing and kept a look out. Then someone came up to talk to him and he talked like he trusted them, but me and my ground level view saw shoes and wheels on a shopping trolley busted up in patterns that I recognised from the previous death trap, and I had to communicate this by tapping Mac where I could reach him.

Once I woke up I decided that clearly the death trap maker was out to prove we were all very stupid, by making us trap ourselves, with things that were obvious from their point of view, ie very short. And the boots on the person Mac trusted were big clunky things that could easily have lifts in. So the threat was from a secretly short person who really didn't like Pete. Which didn't narrow it down much.

The missing medallion was obvious though, my brother had fed it to the taxidermy snake. I just needed to figure out how to use said knowledge to get my brother back.

So there was that, and there was the one with the house where the upstairs was rented out to people who didn't seem to grasp that the downstairs was my flat so they kept on turning up in the living room and kitchen. And there was another one with much more running around and something about energy based powers? But that one has pretty much faded.

But I am so wiped now. I slept, or at least lay down with my eyes closed, for about 12 hours. Clearly an alternate universe has been using all my energy to save their worlds with.

Sadly Mac can't call me over that long a distance. Otherwise I'm sure I impressed him greatly.

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Monday, October 12th, 2015
1:36 pm
Today somebody decided that 0630 was the perfectly perfect time to do junk mail, so I got woke up and was up to check what it was before I was awake enough to think it probably wasn't important. Because humans at 0630 is weird.

So then after that I spent three hours trying to get back to sleep, and must have managed it, because the alarm woke me at 11.

And with my life none of this would necessarily be a problem except now things are all Ugh and Sky Is Falling and Blah. Which happens without any such prompting but which is still annoying.

Game of Thrones and sequels are bad for my sleep pattern though. The just-one-more-chapter impulse can keep going and going and going waaaaay past midnight.

But as it turns out nobody has contacted me so there's nothing to do. Except maybe walk to teh shop and order more new furniture. Which I can't quite decide about but really should because discounts probably ending.

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Saturday, October 10th, 2015
9:33 pm
Also today I started reading Game of Thrones. Technically re-reading but since I couldn't remember hardly any of what happened it didn't feel like it. I've owned the books since they were more or less new and haven't read them since then. Didn't grab me, or at least didn't keep me. And I didn't start on the TV series because it seemed to be full of blood and nasty, and to add more compared to the books, especially more nasty.

Having read the first book I can see why I bought the second and third - the sections are short and interesting, and kind of like eating crisps, cause there's always just one more bite. But I'm very dissatisfied with them on the whole.

It's only partly the gendered stuff - invent a world and invent sexism to go with it, blah blah tired, and men exist in networks of men while women are isolated or in competition.

It's mostly that humans just don't work like that. They've lost half their range. Only the nasty side shows up anywhere. It's grotesque, and after a while, boring. Read more...Collapse )

Add it all together and I don't recognise these people, they're all chopped flat.

But it's... while reading it it seems fine because you never know what they'll do next so maybe they'll, you know, expand, become any good at all, have a world where moral actions are rewarded even on a chance basis. So I kept reading it, and it's only now it ended it just seems like ... ooze, or something. Something gone wrong around the edges.

It's well written, but then it feels wrong added together.

Or, as per usual, I'm just very grumpy.

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9:09 pm
Doctor Who
I liked it again
I think.
Except Read more...Collapse )

It did do clever things Read more...Collapse )

And basically I liked it, so that's nice.

Also though, I realise going to bed at 9 to read for the evening is quirky for an actual adult, but the ongoing thing where I have to stay up past my bedtime just to watch Doctor Who really underlines that the scheduling isn't for kids or even family viewing any more. That seems sad and not proper.

Plus I get sleepy when I'd like to be energised by liking my show. So.

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5:16 pm
I am fine
I would like to move somewhere with much less crimes outside.
None violence. That seems reasonable. None violence and much less crimes.

That was the plan but plan went splat.
It would be nice if plan unsplat.
I would like a working plan.

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12:49 pm
Thing that is bothering me today: Imprecision in fantasy religious terms
Some time in the small hours of the morning I ended up looking up assorted words for monks.

... I started out looking up gender neutral terms for sibling, because sister brother sibling doesn't sound like they're a matched set, mother father brother sister all match and yet you can't say parent and sibling and have it sound the same, does this not bug anyone else at three in the morning?

... smartphones have some odd perils.

But the more I looked the more I got annoyed at fantasy books and their imprecise worldbuilding. Like D&D uses Cleric and Monk as more or less gender neutral terms that cover a really wide range of religious roles. Or fantasy worlds have multiple religions but half of them call their ladies Sister and men Brother. And why would they do that? What is the religious underpinning of that phrasing? What theological basis has them calling some people Father? Father and brother and sister and mother of who or what? And are any of them married? The widespread assumption of religious celibacy seems purely weird to the C of E, let alone the rest of the world's religions.

Wiki wandering got me to distinctions like 'nun' and 'sister' not actually referring to the same thing, since nuns are cloistered and sisters work in the community. Monastics is currently used as gender neutral, and is quite different from monk, which differs from friar, usually used for mendicant orders. There's a difference between monks, owning all their property in common between them, and mendicants, who in theory don't own anything at all at all and have to rely on asking the laity nicely every single day. Monk derives from monos, alone, because originally it referred to hermits or solitary ascetics. Hermits are eremites, and eremitic orders exist. Anchorites and anchoresses are kind of like hermits but different. Sometimes a lot of hermits get together and share a canteen and church, and such orders are probably where communal monasticism began, but there's a great big argue about who was first doing what, so only probably. Sketes or Lavras are that sort of thing. Different forms of monasticism include sketes, lavritic, eremitic and coenobitic. Cenobites, before that one guy wrote that one thing, just means monastics living in a community where they don't all mostly hide in their cells, which is the usual sort people mostly think of when you say monk.

They live in monasteries and abbeys and minsters, and that's just words I recognise off the top of my head. They're slightly different kinds of communities even at any given point in history. Due to constant/repeated monastic and religious reforms they're very different if you look at them a few hundred years apart. I mean at some points there were communities where men and women lived together being religious, and at other points there's big frowning about the very idea, and now we don't have a proper word for those sorts and say 'dual house' and make vague noises about monasteries and nunneries next door to each other when really? We don't entirely know how they sorted themselves out.

And that's just in English. At some point I (accidentally) downloaded a 125 page MPhil thesis on the different words used in the Anglo Saxon era, in Latin and Old English, and how they get translated into English. I skimmed like a chapter but it seems like every time a thing gets translated it uses less variety of words to describe the religious people it's talking about, which erases consistent distinctions in the earlier texts, distinctions that probably had a meaning, though for all we know now it's some dude doing the monk equivalent of 'the fair haired man' and 'the brunet' because everyone they're talking about is basically going to be a religious dude so maybe they were just trying to keep them distinctive.

And that's just in Christianity. Buddhism has a lot of slightly different traditions of people living in community to do religion, and those traditions have different levels or paths with different sets of vows, and once they're talking about them in English they're all just 'monks'. Even some of the nuns sometimes.

And of course there's religions that mostly don't do the thing that looks quite like being monks, and possibly do have friars, but mostly have their very own distinctive traditions that we probably shouldn't translate, except for the thing where several hundred years of confident English have just been calling them 'priests'.

And where does the D&D cleric come into all this? Depends what you read. It's another distinction that gets complex.

And I haven't even started on religious ranks and roles, where there's as many words for monks-that-do-the-thing as there are for civilians-that-do-the-thing, being far as I can tell separate words even for the same things.

And then there's the ways Roman religion and Roman Catholicism got their terms all over each other, as well as the ways they didn't and times where you have to get your head around a very different way of doing things just to properly translate in your head a word usually rendered into English as 'priest' just like all the other 'priests'.

And the etymologies that leave words meaning their opposites, or the particular journeys through language a word has taken that tells you a lot about conquest and missionaries and how civilisations layer on top of each other.

And yet you get fantasy books, or rarely science fiction, that just plonk in a few 'Sisters' or 'Fathers' and act like that sufficiently explains anything.

... I think from this we mostly learn that I can get thoroughly wound up about anything, especially at three in the morning, but there you go.

Words. Especially titles. More complex than you think.

And once we start messing around with the worldbuilding, shakier than they seem and all.

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Friday, October 9th, 2015
3:53 pm
Conclusion: laundry is a gas
Evidence: I sorted my clothes into the new fully assembled with all the knobs on (woo!) chest of drawers, and even though I filled the new drawers, the old drawers are still full.


Eh, I can find the correct types of things much quicker now.

I'm a bit unsure of these drawers. Where the nuts for the knobs screw on really sticks out into the drawer at the back, which seems like a bit of finishing off detail that could have been done much better, and the sides of the drawers are like half the height of the drawer so half the space inside the cabinet is only for things you don't mind falling out when you pull the drawer open. So I'm having a think, rather than running to buy the next bit straight away.

... also I decided to leave the house and had a small incident of not breathing, so, you know, that's... a complicating factor.

I like it when things are properly sorted. Read more...Collapse )

Aldiss phoned today to say the fabric samples are in so I can go see them and decide if I want to order the recliner that I'm pretty sure I want. Only problem with that being I have to go on two buses to get to Aldiss Norwich where the fabric samples are, and then cross a busy difficult road to get the bus back, so I can't do it on my own unless I invest a further... £60? To taxi there and back. So I have to either wait for mum or wait for the nice lady who did the care assessment two weeks ago and seemed to think things Need Doing. Doing things takes a lot of teamwork.

Also I have this lingering niggly feeling that the mortgage place will phone and say the house buying plan is back on and I'll have to go arrgh because I'll have spent a hundred too much on furniture.

... I have nothing both comfortable and structurally sound to sit on, everything is falling apart, I shall spend moneys on furniture because necessary.

... I'd still rather like the plan where I move house to work though, or to come up with another actually good plan.

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Thursday, October 8th, 2015
1:15 pm
I win at furniture
okay, I mostly win. Basically win. A bit.
The Habitat Fleur 8 drawer chest of drawers is proper grown up furniture made out of actual tree, not cardboard anywhere. This is a good selection and what I expected to get for my money.

Delivery was at about 0930ish. It is now 1320 and the new drawers are... well on their way to being assembled and in position! *sigh*

Read more...Collapse )

So now I have a sore left hand on the wide soft part, a sore right hand on the fingers part, a bumped back where I discovered many and varied ways I did not fit between several pairs of items, knees that did not appreciate being knelt on, and somehow a painful right big toe. When I went to un kneel I somehow managed to put like all my weight on my big toe, diagonally. I think it's my slippers, they make my toes stupid, they aren't doing normal toe moves because they're busy being in slippers, and then ow happens.

And the chest of drawers is still flat on its back with 7/8 of the handles not attached.

But I'm winning!!
*big sigh*

ETA 1530: Mum is visiting and the drawers are now up on their feets and looking good.
I have put knobs on 4/8 drawers. Deciding what pattern the colors should be in is the tricky part.


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Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
12:25 pm
time and furniture and decorate
I finally ordered one piece of the nice Habitat Fleur furniture I've been wanting for a while.

It delivers tomorrow.

Guess what isn't available on the Habitat website any more?

If you guessed the Fleur range, gold star!

... okay, so, nothing will match. That's... that's a thing. Fine. Whatever.

... some of it is still on the Argos site but not available to order online. Says to order in store. Do they mean 'oops we don't sell it any more we'll let a human break this to you' or do they actually mean to order in store?

It is also on the Homebase website, and from there can order online, but they aren't doing the furn20 20% off offer, so Argos is better by many tens of pounds.

I shall wait and see if the furniture is indeed as awesome as I was hoping when it arrives tomorrow, then go on my feets and see if I can order the other bit in store.

This keeps happening though. Everything I chose has turned out to be last seasons fashions and just gone away again. Much frustrate.

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Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
3:28 pm
Cleaner day happened, ASDA delivery happened, I have been awake since 0630 (or before, that was when I hit teh clock) and am not feeling wordy or like braving the vacuum cleaner today.

I played the Flight Rising Coliseum for most of today, because it started working again and I have many many dragons. Many. I have 125 dragons and my lair is full and it's because nobody wants to buy dragons and if I can't play them I won't exalt them. If the Coliseum worked every single day then I would play a couple dragons a day and it would be a way to pass the time. Since it works when it feels like it if at all I end up sitting here until the chair is epic uncomfy just so as to exalt one more dragon.

I feel this is an example of how chaos can lead to more grim repetition than order. But, obviously, I could just not play the dragons game.

... shiny dragons...

I hope everyone has nicer more interesting days than this.

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Monday, October 5th, 2015
2:59 pm
time travel
I watched the first episode of Angel today, and once again tripped over the thing where everyone's so young. I just kind of want to give them blankets and warn them all the things. ... sadly not just the characters.

I'll have actual thoughts about TV eventually, but this whole ability to rewind time is so strange, especially when I've met the actors in 3d. There's like great splooshes of history to go along with the TV stories.

Time just keeps happening.

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Sunday, October 4th, 2015
7:59 pm
Big monkeys management
I have a theory about human behaviour, devised to explain the actions of Owen Harper in Torchwood. I am aware there's layers of problems there. But.

Owen Harper, when stressed, tries to piss off the boss. My theory is he feels small, so he picks a fight with the biggest monkey. Either he wins, in which case he's bigger than he thought, or big monkey wins, at which point it's all his problem and he's proven he's big enough to handle it. Except on Torchwood big monkey refused to play and fired him. So that doesn't work out so well.

Managers probably don't appreciate having small panic monkey around. If your problems from outside are big already, you do not want problems from inside the team. And it's a waste of effort doing threat displays to show you're biggest monkey. Well run teams are probably less monkey based.

But when we look for leaders some people have this sort of thing in mind. They're looking for someone bigger than them - actually depressingly literally, see correlation between height and getting elected, it's embarrassing. Someone bigger, stronger, smarter, all those useful things.

And in the genres we hang out in, we can take that further. Not hit the limits on human capacities. Go for the literally superhuman.

Read more...Collapse )

So I like fantasy and science fiction when it's average people, badass normal at the outside, having to deal with these huge great problems. Because you can, if you just teamwork good enough.

But I also enjoy the power fantasy that does basically add up to 'but what if BIGGEST monkey?'

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6:15 pm
Sunday with slight flaws in it
Today there was a new person on the till at Morrisons so things went a bit interesting. They pressed the wrong buttons so I got overcharged a bit (they paid me back when we noticed) and I got poached eggs instead of fried eggs. Poached eggs do not distribute correctly so most of the meal I had only beans and hash browns with no egg left. But aside from that they were okay.

Then there were no plates to get a slice of cake with. This caused us to stall and the queue to stall behind us. So I said to go in front. When we sorted this out (used a bowl from a different section instead) there was 8 people in front of us. *sigh*

Also it weren't the proper sort of cake, but brother didn't seem to mind.

Then we did the shopping, which worked pretty good. They still don't sell pasta twists or soya cheese I can cook and eat. For that I must order in from Norwich or go on a quest.

Brother visited and I gave him the SFX AI cover magazine from when AI was new. He was :D
... he has drawn on the arm of the chair again. I'm thinking of buying new chairs and I must take into account his tendency to draw on the arm. If he draws on the arm of £1200 of chair then that... that would go poorly. Maybe I should get him to buy himself chairs.

(When I say 'draw' I mean 'forget you can put the pen away and just kind of wave it over the arm of the chair again again again'. Sadly am not going to be able to sell this as art.)

We watched Thor: The Dark World which he says he likes better than the first Thor. I like it pretty well but it felt long this time. I like the other heroes better. Jane is awesome though, and Darcy is great, and Frigga... deserves better.

Mum picked him up again and took also some of the New Scientists from 1997. Taking only a comfortable pile each week it will take a long time to send them her way. But she'll have something to read for longer.

I think my brother would like more of my ancient magazine collection, but I think if I give them to him they'll get drawn on then thrown away. Which would be sad after fifteen to twenty years on a shelf. But on the other hand it's a bit pointless to just keep them on a shelf. Shall have to ponder.

Pretty good Sunday achieved.

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9:22 am
Doctor Who: Patterns, Signal, Noise
I woke up this morning and it occurred to me that it could in fact be deliberate that DW have been killing off black male characters, specifically mostly black male soldiers, because it could be all about Danny Pink.

Read more...Collapse )

The trouble with doing a racist thing repeatedly is that it looks really racist. The pre existing racism stinks up the place, even if you're trying to use that particular scent in a different way. It's like inviting in a bunch of really loud people chanting racist slurs, so even if there's a quiet geek in the corner expanding on the literary themes, they get drowned out.

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Saturday, October 3rd, 2015
9:10 pm
Doctor Who
I quite liked that. There was quite a lot to like in that. Diversity, several women, a deaf character communicating by sign, all good. Plus a proper spooky October story.

If they could just change one tiny thing I would be about a thousand percent happier though. If they could just make one little change I wouldn't spend the whole episode trying not to grind my teeth. So, dear Doctor Who production team: could you please, please, stop killing a black man before the opening credits.

Read more...Collapse )

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6:42 pm
I just read a comment that listed off a bunch of systemic problems under capitalism and then went "I don't have an answer for you."

It had more sentences after that but I gave up
and not just because of that specific comment right there.

I just read a whole F&SF anthology that felt exactly like that, like each and every story in this 'best of' stated a bunch of problem and stopped. "I don't have an answer for you" with more gore and nasty.

What happened to hope? What happened to the idea that science and the human application thereof could actually fix things? I realise there are problems, but if all we do is go yep, that's a problem right there, then our basement is flooding and we're too depressed to do anything about it.

We need a genre that's all about seeing a way out of the maze, or we're just going to sit and stew in it. We're going to let everyone sit and stew in it. And that's rubbish.

There's always a way out. We need to get cracking on seeing it, and making it happen.

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Thursday, October 1st, 2015
6:56 pm
You know when you make a note to write a meta later and then it goes away?
So I wrote down on my to-do list that I should write about the Whore Goddess in a couple fantasy books I read recently.

... the W word is not polite but it's the one both books used.

I'm not sure I've got actual meta about it left but okay to do list, shall write:

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6:07 pm
Magazines I have for some reason kept since the 90s
... magazines that are a now embarrassing glimpse into my 90s special interests.

Anyone want some magazines?

Radio Times 25 Feb - 3 Mar 1995 Lois & Clark cover At Home with Superman
Radio Times 11-17 January 1997 Red Dwarf cover
Radio Times 14-20 February 1998 Red Dwarf cover 10 Far Out Years
Impact & Pacific Movie News Presents "I am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action" (just a skinny section)
Sci-Fi News 14 apparently a catologue of some sort? Lots of robots and action figures and so forth

SFX #82 September 2001 Spielberg AI cover. (odds are my brother will want that, come to think)[brother took it happily]

X Files magazines:

Starlog #202 May 1994 DD&GA cover 'The X Files: The Truth is Inside' looks like 4 page DD interview?
Starlog Presents The X-Files & Other Eerie TV #1 Dec 1995 (bunch of interviews)
Starburst X-Files Special #29 1996 Interviews DD, GA & CC
OK! Weekly #18 July 21 1996 GA&DD hug cover 'The X-Files: The True Stories Behind the Sexiest Pair on TV'
TV Times 7-13 September 1996 GA&DD cover 'Spooky! Mulder and Scully are back'
TV Quick 7-13 September 1996 GA&DD cover 'The X factor: Scully and Mulder are back' three page special
Dreamwatch #25 September 1996 'Duchovny plays Sex God' 'X-Files: the story so far'
Dreamwatch #26 October '96 DD/GA Poster Inside (I checked, it's still there), 'X Files at the Emmys'
Cinescape Presents T X-Files & Conspiracy Television November 26 1996 GA&DD cover lots of interviews
GQ November '96 David Duchovny cover 'Xclusive'
Satellite TV Europe TVGuide February 1997 DD&GA cover 'X Files: Will They Wont They'
Dreamwatch #31 March 1997 GA cover 'Scully Solo'
NOW 22 May 1997 'Exclusive pictures Duchovny's wedding'
Radio Times 31 May - 6 June 1997 David Duchovny cover, plus 'Join us on the INTERNET! RT goes online'
Starlog #240 July 1997 The Lost World Jurassic Park cover plus X Files inside, Howard Gordon about scripting?? Ooh, and some very cool looking Batman&Robin production design stuff like batarangs. For a bad movie it made great toys.
Cult Times #22 July 1997 'The X-Files Shock Revelations' and cover story Babylon 5 is Back
Radio Times 20-26 September 1997 David Duchovy and Gillian Anderson cover, 'X-directory: every episode of the new series reviewed and rated'
NOW 25 September 1997 'David Duchovny talks for the first time about his wedding'
TV Zone #95 October 1997 'The X-files The troubled families of Mulder and Scully' plus B5 cover
Advert for 'Redux' 19.01.98 'Is Mulder Dead? Find Out First On Video'
The X Files Titan Official monthly guide to the X Files #31 Feb 98
SFX #36 March 1998 'Open File: Cast and crew on the making of The X Files most important season so far' DD&GA cover
Sky TV guide March 1998 DD/GA cover 'Split decision Will They Won't They'
The X Files Titan Official Magazine #4 April 1998 (yes it says 31 and then 4 I checked)
Dreamwatch #46 June 1998 Countdown to the X-files movie with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, Free Color Prints [still] Inside
Radio Times 22-28 August 1998 Duchovny Xplains it all: Money, marriage and Mulder's madness

The Sunday Times Investigates The X Files: The Facts, The Fantasy, The Future

The X Files Manga, probably all of 1996 and 1997, but they start over at #1 more than once and I can't be bothered to poke them right now cause I'm developing a headache.


Everything in the kind of condition that happens when you stick things on a shelf and forget about them for nigh 20 years.

More details on any of these on request. Scans not available.

Probably there are people who would very much like one or more of these. Finding them would be the good trick.

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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
7:32 pm
I watched some Sarah Jane Adventures and now I have a sad again. Only a small sad though. People dying is sad, especially when they're in the middle of something.

I have all the DVDs now though, and another season of Doctor Who DVDs, so I could delete a ton of episodes from the recorder box. It might take whole numbers of weeks of MacGyver before it starts complaining about no space again. ... shows that are on every day of the week do add up.

I ache kind of everywhere now. I need to do more walking more often. But I've had food and drink and can go sleep any time I like, so that's win.

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5:00 pm
Seen Dragons
Went to Norwich with mum. Task list was: return library books to library, try and sell books I don't want, donate what wouldn't sell (which was all of them in this market), buy some Doctor Who DVDs that are unaccountably gaps in the collection right now. Tasks all achieved :-)

On the way in we went into Debenhams because I saw a very good coat in the window. Red coat with buttons. So we went in and went up the lift and went looking for the coat. Which I found, in both petite and ordinary varieties. 18Petite didn't quite fit, but a regular size 20 will actually button up on me. ... I'm not a size 20 all over, but only Bravissimo sizes things by Super Curvy. Bravissimo has curvy coat but only light blue, not so stylish nor as long. 20 is the biggest that Debenhams coat goes up to, I just looked on the website, where it is out of stock in that size. It was in the shop today though. But mum is not convinced the very good coat is in fact any good. Too dull red, she says. Not the right shape for me. And granted, many things are not the right shape for me, since short and round is not fashionable, but I spend much time looking for coats and not finding, and that one seemed pretty okay by my standards. Also, mum kept going round the shop some more to find the one from the window, but that was the one from the window, it had the same name and everything. So that was just helpful. Mum not agree.

I might have to go back and buy the coat. It seems like a pretty good coat to me.

Mostly we went to the Forum for the last chance to see the Dragons.

Dragons are excellent.

I bought a very small dragon, a Draco that has stars and constellations on it. At least that's what the box says, due to very efficient packing and sellotape I haven't got it out to check yet. Stars dragon is best dragon. Mum thinks skeleton dragon was best dragon, and I like that one too, but I only bought Draco. Because they're proper moneys each.

We got a raffle ticket to maybe get a medium sized dragon. But I didn't try and bid on a full size dragon. Because I'd only have to leave it outside and no dragon good enough to bid on is bad enough to inflict that on it.

After we did my tasks list we went to Country & Eastern, which is full of all the things mum likes. I liked that it had elephants painted on many things, but the shop made me sneeze and then cough, so I ended up standing outside. Also by the time we got there I was Very Tired already in the feet especially and ended up on the stairs having a sit down while mum did her shopping. We're not very good at staying together. She walks faster than me and when we went to look at the market she vanished, though she claims she was staying the exact same place the whole time, but I was looking in the exact same place and she wasn't in it. Also she stopped to look in the place without saying she was stopping anyway, so that was vanished the first. So that didn't work best. And I know that's half me not keeping track, but I am disabled and also I was the one leading the way. Still, needs more practice.

I got tired out abruptly and we ended up coming home on the bus with all the school and sixth form students, so that was a bit crowded.

But all in all that was a pretty good day.

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