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    Tuesday, May 5th, 2015
    6:51 pm
    there's something wrong with this stupid tiny screen I'm using since the laptop stopped and the desktop too. it makes my eyes wrong. it feels all blergh to try and read on it for long. I don't know why, can't figure what up with it beyond 'wrong', but it's really awkward.

    also I can't remember what windows I had up on the other computer.

    Also also when I can't just sit here flicking between windows it becomes obvious how very many hours there are in a day and how very little I have to fill it with.

    this computer told me that Word was corrupted?? or something, the message went away while I was updating all the things. so now I don't know if trying to write with it will go horribly wrong.

    but I can't stare at the screen that long anyway.

    ... it looks too fuzzy and too sharp at the same time, I can't describe it, it's really unhelpful.
    I'm going to go read things on paper instead. or maybe my phone.

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    5:03 pm
    On AI in Age of Ultron
    I'd kind of assumed the personhood of at least some existing AI in the MCU was a given, and understood by their creator at the very least, but after Age of Ultron I'm having to examine that assumption.

    SPOILERS for Avengers Age of Ultron under the cut: Read more...Collapse )

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    1:01 pm
    ... did we not watch the same movie?
    I'm reading a meta about themes of family and legacy in Avengers Age of Ultron. So, SPOILERS Read more...Collapse )

    I think leaving Bruce out of this equation is misleading and unhelpful.

    Also, why everyone blame Tony for everything? Only true for many things, really.

    Oh, also, theme 'Together' : Read more...Collapse )

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    Monday, May 4th, 2015
    11:48 am
    Best Age of Ultron recap is best

    Spoilers and more spoilers obviously, but just the right snark about just the right things.

    Because yes, the most frustrating thing is Read more...Collapse )

    Also, SPOILERS I've not mentioned yet: it is possible that it is only my mum who was confused, and she was confused by how many sets of siblings there were in this movie cause she thought there were more than I thought, but you know the beginning when Thor was looking for Read more...Collapse )

    Oh, AND, a thing I meant to say when I started typing that paragraph and got myself lost: Read more...Collapse )

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    10:58 am
    Avengers Age of Ultron: On that Natasha line
    SPOILERS to discuss that triggery infertility line: Read more...Collapse )

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    8:55 am
    Computer problems
    Desktop bluescreened months ago, laptop turned off last night and this morning has a blinky orange power indicator and a green battery light, so something has gone proper wrong. And I lost a memory stick, and replacing it has been on the to do list for a while, so I feel very stupid. I'm going to hope to get my data back but right now... *sigh*

    Am on the netbook, which I gave up on using for a variety of reasons so now it's trying to do 6 months of windows update and I'm trying to remember how hard to hit these keys so they actually work, especially the spacebar.

    Online activities curtailed until I figure out ... all the things. Who to fix things and what to do about which computer to get for regular use. That stuff.

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    Sunday, May 3rd, 2015
    9:52 pm
    It is really, really frustrating being in a Conservative safe seat. 49% at the last election. *sigh*

    I mean, I'll vote, but I'll also know there's basically a snowball's chance it'll be significant.


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    9:33 pm
    Salad is actually good to eat.
    It goes with sandwiches like I thought it would.
    So I win at salad.

    But now I have to eat it all within 24 hours.
    So that's 300g of salad before 8 or 8.30pm tomorrow.


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    3:36 pm
    Sunday achieved
    Went to the shops, had a nice breakfasts, did the shoppings, remembered the shampoo this time, came home.
    The toys seem to have disappeared. Even the figures that go with the computer game are down to the last few Hawkeye and Nick Fury. I didn't buy a Hawkeye because I don't play the games and really don't need to spend £10 on Hawkeye but I know I'll sulk when I no longer have that option. It's only £15 for two figures and if they'd had any Cap left I might have but I don't need Fury staring at me forever.

    Offers that depend on you buying more stuff are annoying. Like, the juice used to be two for two pounds, and I could buy 8, and that would probably last a week. But now they're 3 for three pounds, so I can buy either 6 or 9, or miss out on the offer and pay maybe 29% extra for two? Something like that. So I keep buying 6, because if I buy 9 I can't fit all the shopping in the trolley. But then I run out of juice on Friday.

    ... which was one why Take Away Day was Friday, because then I can get juice on the way to pick it up, but that routine costs more moneys and hasn't happened as much lately.

    Vague annoyance. Oh well.

    Social parts of Sunday postponed on account of it raining a lot so sibling didn't want to, which is fair enough. But it stopped raining just in time for shoppings time, like the forecast said, so I got a nice walk in the after-rain sun and some foods and some shoppings.

    My food challenge this week is to actually eat the salad this time instead of staring at it until it goes off. Have sufficient sandwich supplies this should be possible. Shall see.

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    12:54 pm
    Avengers Norwich
    At the end of Age of Ultron: I know that bit of the movie filmed at the UEA, but I assert that it makes things better if those scenes are actually set in Norwich, Norfolk, England. Reasons under the cut. Read more...Collapse )

    I don't expect everyone else to agree with me though, especially if the movie actually did say where it was. But I've read stuff that said it could be anywhere in the world, and I like that version much better.

    More new and interesting story if it's set around here.

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    Saturday, May 2nd, 2015
    6:32 pm
    'phonetic' grumble
    Please stop typing people's accents.
    The things you think sound weird are perfectly normal ways of speaking, round their way, and your idea of 'phonetic' transcription says more about your way of speaking than theirs.
    If we're all English speakers then these here typing words we use are the right way of typing their words too, and they think you sound funny.

    ... this grumble brought to you by a Brit kind of baffled by what Americans think we sound like.

    At best it comes out sounding classist and... what's the word for thinking one region is more best, like the way some people think of Britain as a hierarchy with England on top, and south more better than north?
    Because that's an annoying thought, everywhere is the UK together.

    Also frequently racist.

    The only justification I've heard that kind of made sense was when someone's character had multiple personalities and they were trying to distinguish between them, but if it's clearly audible who is who then you just, you know, type 'x said' and 'y said' like usual, even if they said it with the same mouth. No one I've seen tries to type out the goa'uld voice with the flanging. And there's not a rush to transcribe certain vampires' early problems with their fangs. You just say when they change. Simples.

    Everyone has an accent. We all agreed to type the words just the same ways.


    I read this exact point made better and with less grumphing and more interesting linguistics, but I can't remember where. They were describing all the phonetically and syntactically weird features of the way someone talked and it just sounded like London to me. Well, London on the TV. I'm in Norfolk, not much similar.

    Interesting word choices convey much more than messing with the spelling.

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    4:17 pm
    I saw a thing announcing a story about a guy who works for HYDRA because it's good money in this economic climate. The point being that HYDRA guys are just ordinary guys? And the tone of the story sounded like it was going to be humour.
    And it was in a rage post with a reaction image where the Red Skull explains in small words that HYDRA really are actual nazis.
    Read more...Collapse )

    So if you're going to write about HYDRA and how people join HYDRA then it could be a nuanced story about sleepwalking into evil for a paycheck, or deciding the only way to oppose evil was to get stronger and learn to violently fight it, or about how defending the people you care about can be kind of a problem when the people you care about are full of hate. It can be stories where you empathise with the person who ends up wearing the skulls, and yet see how they have gone very wrong.

    But there's so much room for misunderstanding, for seeing all the things people have in common and thinking that makes them somehow not-evil in the middle of doing evil. Seen it with Ward, however clearly labelled he is. Seen it with other characters before, and shall again.

    And I don't really know how to fix this one, except be really very clear repeatedly, and never lose sight of the baseline fact that good or evil isn't a thing you are it's a thing you do.

    Because ordinary regular people are the only kind there is, and look at all the stuff we've done.

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    12:50 pm
    Okay, so, you know military parents are a thing?
    I just read several entirely separate posts about how being a parent and risking your life saving the world makes you the Worst Parent Ever

    and, no?

    I mean, epic no?

    It's not even neglect. Especially if you do it through some established channel with a decent benefits package, and make sure your kids are looked after.

    Read more...Collapse )

    Just making sure your kids have a good home and someone to look after them and don't get blown up by aliens? Er, pretty good parenting, given the givens.

    Because when you save the earth / galaxy / universe you save your kids.

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    Friday, May 1st, 2015
    7:21 pm
    at what point are clunk thud noises and discordant singing or vaguely musical yelling something one should do something about?

    ... the underneath garage is a feature I would like to move away from.

    ... I just feel that having someone under my bed singing 'When a Man Loves a Woman' should be optional...

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    3:11 pm
    One reason I am frustrated by media with a single male protagonist is I am epically fed up with the basic message that women are only competent enough to get themselves in to trouble, and need a man to get them out of it.

    With a man or men as the central characters, you build that into the structure of the story.

    Female protagonists who are at least equal partners are the only way out of that trap.

    ... this PSA brought to you by watching a bunch of MacGyver again.
    ... they mean so well, they cast kind of diverse ish, but because the only one who saves the day is Mac, well...


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    10:02 am
    Age of Ultron: 'ship report
    Okay, so, I'm self aware enough to know there's something I had to get over before I could watch this movie and not sulk about it. Because I had heard about the 'ships before I went in, and they were not my preferred sort. And people who are squee about the movie when I am not squee, they maybe thinking I'm bitter, but I don't think so? I mean, we have so many canons already, this isn't precisely new, we'll make versions of characters from the bits we like. But okay, here's my thoughts:

    SPOILERS for Age of Ultron

    Read more...Collapse )

    Having feels about imaginary people having imaginary relationships in some but only some versions of fictional universes: humans, what are we like?

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    9:17 am
    SPOILERS for Avengers Age of Ultron movie. Spoilers. For moments I personally was happy not to have known about in advance.

    Read more...Collapse )

    This morning, thinking about Age of Ultron, and just basically ignoring anything that's really obviously about future movies, it made more sense. I can see some coherent themes about family and connection and togetherness. I'm just having to work at it more than seems optimal.

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    Thursday, April 30th, 2015
    6:50 pm
    Avengers: Age of Ultron
    Mum phoned and said she was (finally) thinking about going to see the movie, so this afternoon we went.

    By the end I really wanted to stop by the UEA to get some selfies. They filmed parts there, and it turns out they're really cool parts, and something I'm totally going to imagine is right there in Norwich in the Avengers 'verse. So I want to go get photos on Avengers locations.

    But... that was the part I was excited about. The bit where I Can See My School From Here.

    This is... not quite the effect the film was going for.

    I wanted to see Hawkeye talk and be a people and so forth, and yaay, I did! ... but I'm not wowed.
    Mum thinks Hawkeye is the worst and is lame and would just run out of arrows. Mum is clearly super wrong. Hawkeye is awesome.
    I'm not sure the movie showed us how Hawkeye is awesome. Couple of good moments, but, *shrugs*.

    Okay, so, if this was Ao3 the movie would need the following warnings: Read more...Collapse )

    They would need them for SPOILERS: Read more...Collapse )

    I would personally add some trigger warnings but I'm not sure how to phrase them. Something about surgery and attitudes to infertility. Will have to describe. Read more...Collapse )

    I was unimpressed with the characterisation of anyone in this movie. I object to some of the changes Whedon has made from my very cursory knowledge of the comics. I even don't like it compared to Avengers. I feel strongly he's done poorly by his female characters. I also doubt he knows what to do with Thor. And I think he half arsed his themes.

    I came out of the movie thinking about how I would re-edit it, and by the time I got home I concluded I'd need to re-do it. I just weren't happy with it.

    So this is the non-squee and SPOILER filled Avengers review. Boo. :-(

    Read more...Collapse )

    I'm spending an awful lot of words here trying to figure out precisely what was going on in what I just saw. Um, not good?

    SPOILERS continue: Read more...Collapse )

    There's threads I haven't followed through and as a review this here is muddled and not very useful.

    What did I think of the movie?

    Well I'm still trying to figure out what it did in some ways.

    It was crowded, and I didn't feel anyone was particularly well served by that.

    I didn't like who was fighting who, so I didn't like the fight scenes.

    And I feel like it closed more story doors than it opened.

    I really hope other people enjoy it more than I did.

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    Wednesday, April 29th, 2015
    7:08 pm
    And a site I need to remember
    Internet Movie Firearms Database

    Also Thor
    Which identifies the gun Barton nearly uses as Remington 700PSS
    which was pretty much what I thought after more poking around than I'd need if I remembered this site more.

    SHIELD agents standard sidearm is a Smith & Wesson M&P , which is great for fics set since 2005, but before that it needs to be something else.

    I've been on this site before for Stargate but forgot it for this. Well, I know a lot more about some sorts of guns from a couple of websites of unknown reliability. And since I knew nothing, a lot more is still not a lot, but, no knowledge is wasted.

    (I have such a headache right now)

    SHIELD Strike teams, and Ward and Coulson in some eps, use the M4A1. That redirects to M16s, which have been around plenty long enough for current purposes.

    Sniper rifles, Remington Mk. 13 Mod 5 also comes up.

    But Ward uses at least three different sniper rifles in season 1, and May gives Skye a different different one in season 2, so there's at least 5 sniper rifles on the bus and I think it's safe to say that snipers are super picky. Meaning I can justify any choice of weapon as today's special best.

    However what there aren't are a whole hell of a lot of SHIELD specific weapons. Which makes sense, because they'd have to make them all. The ICER guns have apparently been props in another series, which in-universe could be fun xover times.

    There are some custom whatsits though, including in Coulson's possession, so if I want to say SHIELD did something up special, so it can be.

    I don't have to though, for anything after 2005.

    ... my fic starts in the early/mid 90s and I now need to make a logical guess or find other data.

    While all dates of US Army equipment are pretty easy to find, SHIELD uses police weapons. 700PSS stands for Police Sharp Shooter. Same with their sidearms. Very similar, obviously, but there's a lot of different police and I can't find a site right now that lines them all up on a timeline.

    Says something about the kind of org they think of SHIELD as being. Descended from the SSR and WWII it may be, but law enforcement it kind of sort of is.

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    2:24 pm
    When your plot does a thing
    I wrote a plot outline where there's a happily ever after with a baby. Because yaay. Happy characters are good, right?

    But I realised today that (a) the chapter headings I planned to use include CREATE and out of the 7 main words that's the one that says make a baby, but it's in the middle, not at the end, plus (b) the adventure plot I already had sorted out for that section leaves them in the perfect situation to set up the sex plot that I otherwise needed to set a different trap to make happen.

    And 'oops, accidental pregnancy' is clearly dramatic.

    Happy characters are good, but characters who never had a plan for this are going to make more story.

    ... I've just spent half an hour elaborating on the way this change makes more story, in my notes. I think I'm going to do this, then.

    But it makes figuring out how they raise the baby something that'll happen on screen, so to speak. Like, they're both active field agents, they now have a baby, what do?

    That wasn't the story I had in mind.

    I mean the story I had in mind was 90% porn and it grew more plot every time I sat down, but now, even more so.

    I don't know, maybe go back to the easy way and have the story end when they realise they're both yaay about having a baby? But there's clearly a lot more story after that.

    ... this story keeps getting longer, and I only have 9K words. This is like the paradox with the turtle and the arrow, only with word count.

    Also I keep questioning the usefulness of even making a big plot when 8992 words is the most words in many years. Am I making up plot as a distraction from actual story? But I do need to know roughly where it's going.

    ALSO also I need to notice when I'm putting a gun on the mantelpiece, or taking one out of the armoury in this case. I knew something was bugging me. Okay, I now actually know what happens next instead of just what the characters plan to have happen. Go me.

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