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    Thursday, December 25th, 2014
    3:36 pm
    I did a Christmas!
    I win at Christmas!
    Mum says I should tell the internet I ruled :-)

    ... after filtering for acceptability (where did I even find 'Christmas night of the living dead'?) I had a 60 minute playlist of christmas music.

    I sat down with my plate of christmas dinner just in time for the last song.

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    Christmas achieved :-D

    Hope you all have good days also.

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    8:05 am
    Merry Christmas
    Happy Holidays

    and have a nice Thursday.

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    Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
    6:40 pm
    Because clearly yelling at fictional characters is helpful
    The trouble with reading a lot of fic with the same tropes is I just get really, really frustrated with these dumbass guys.
    And the trouble with reading a lot of fanfic, based on canon where these guys knew each other for as much as a decade without canonical romantic resolution, is that mostly they're being stupid by having epic feelings they do nothing about.
    So then I just get so annoyed. They have such rich lives! They've got friends and jobs and purpose and knowing they made a difference, and on top of all that, they've got love! What is with these idiots, just ignoring that?

    So then I kind of get grumpy and want to yell at them.

    It gets kind of ugly sometimes. I read for escapism. The stories I seek out are as different from my own life as possible. And sometimes I resent the hell out of that. I can get all wound up about these guys who have it all and just go lalala what that oops lets just pretend we're not. Don't they value it? Do they not know how awesome what they have is? And a lot of the first half of fic is about making us really want them to finally do something, and that frequently works, and sometimes I just go along with the story getting to the intended warm fuzzies, but other times I'm just stuck on the idea of what they've been throwing away for years.

    It's like watching someone at a banquet they've no intention of eating.
    While counting pennies for the next basics meal.

    I suspect reading this stuff is not the best thing I could be doing with my time.
    but if I'm gonna, this is almost the worst mindset to read it with.

    humans. they drive me nuts.
    I should probably get on with being one instead.

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    Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014
    2:38 pm
    ugh, upgrades
    nothing displays properly
    it has an entirely new set of quirks and irritations
    and there's no way to change it back.

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    Current Mood: aggravated
    10:50 am
    new difficulties with email
    the upgrade saga continues... apparently I can't send email from the address most of y'all have for me. receive, yes, for which I am grateful, but not at this minute send.

    I'll figure a work around with a different account if I have to, but right now I just emailed support, so I'll see if that sorts out.

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    6:01 am
    Decorating priorities
    I am looking at a flat I might maybe be buying (gulp).
    It has new bathrooms and new carpets, which is in theory yaay
    but the carpet is brown.
    Everything is kind of brown. Magnolia and darkish woods and brown carpet. Beige brown blergh.
    So on the one hand, new carpet, I don't need to buy newer carpet
    but on the other, brown.

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    If I make the walls TARDIS console room grey and the woodwork TARDIS blue, the carpet would need to be grey or blue, and I have blue here and like it. Blue is the correct colour for floors. Though grey would go with the TARDIS theme more.

    But either way, I don't need it for function or really clean purposes, so it just seems like a whole heap of money I should keep for something else.

    But then, brown.

    Maybe if I take them all up to make insulated floor, even just with thermal underlay, that'll feel like a good reason?

    ... but I could put them all down on top again.

    Eh, if I was going to a place that hadn't been desperately trying to acquire a buyer so they redid everything in neutrals, I'd need new carpets anyway, cause you never know with other people's carpets. So it's been in the planning budget for a while. But there's always other things to do if you turn out not to need that line.

    It's not like I have to currently decide. It's just, how do decisions?

    Decide. And see if you like what happens.

    ETA: The decide is only what carpet to put in the flat. I have decided to try and buy the flat. I await the will of the mortgage company and leaseholders. Hence the nerves. Well, also that it's a lot of money for a very long time and do I really need a new flat? And yes, I really do need a new flat, so that side of nervous should just shush. But in displacement activity, carpets. Lots of carpets. /ETA

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    Monday, December 22nd, 2014
    4:45 pm
    The thought process 'I can wash these clothes now cause I'm only going to sleep next anyway' has a contradiction in it I did not notice until I pressed the button.

    ... *sigh* ...

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    6:05 am
    ugh, email
    my email places just did an upgrade.
    They told us in advance, it sounded okay, I tried to be relaxed about it.
    I emailed on Friday just to be really sure that my mail wouldn't get lost in this process, and they emailed me back to assure me that nope, it was on the new server already, everything would be copied over before they switched, worry not.

    Guess what email is missing from my inbox today?

    ... yeah, so, as far as I can see my mail has been returned to the state it was in on Friday at just about 3pm, when I emailed them. That mail is still in the sent box, but their reply is nowhere.

    And my first new email of the week was picked up when I logged on a few minutes ago, about 0600 GMT.

    So, anyone who actually wanted me to get a message this weekend?
    yeah, that ... that may not work.

    I don't know.

    I shall try contacting them when there's more likely to be humans around, I just... I'm currently really glad I sent that email on Friday because I don't know what it would look like elsewise.

    Also now I am poking it a lot to try and make it behave most like it did yesterday. I liked it yesterday. Today all the buttons are in new places and it several times needs telling to display my folders.

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    Sunday, December 21st, 2014
    3:43 pm
    Happy Solstice
    Longest day or longest night, the year is turning.
    May your futures be bright.

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    2:40 pm
    That was most difficult
    Mum was helpful and we were brave and we did Sunday shopping the weekend before xmas.
    There are all the humans. Trolleys right behind me! Trying to go across the center aisle with two lanes of traffic bumper to bumper!
    Me in the way of other humans :-(
    Maybe grab things other humans were reaching for. Is quite difficult when all the things have multiple humans at them. :-(

    But there was also a very small child wearing a Gruffalo suit, so that was nice.

    I got snappish though. I dislike it when I do that, yet failed in my attempts to calm down. And then the cheesly turned out to not be sealed proper when I got to the checkout, and I think I was a bit snap about that too. Not awesome. And then I'd bought more than usual so the usual arrangement of bags did not work and the loads were uneven and I had a bit of a flap about it.

    But I did it! And xmas meal is definitely achieved! I have quorn and vegetables and microwave chips anyway. Yorkshire puddings and roast potato are clearly superior but I haven't the cooker to make them in. If mum had a keep it warm box she could make them and bring them, but that would be more work for mum and not so great. Mum said she'd bring knorr vegetable stock to make gravy though so it will be fancy eatings.

    I don't know how well xmas at my house is going to work, really. But it will have much less cat allergy that way, so I feel it is worth a try.

    I shall have to make sure plates and knives and forks are all clean and ready.

    Two of my knives snapped today. ASDA knife fork spoon teaspoon set is *rubbish*, the stupid things keep snapping where the plastic meets the metal, teaspoons before and knives today.

    ... aaaaand I'm still cranky.

    (too many humans)

    Next year I will have a sensible plan instead.

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    10:28 am
    With my usual cunning foresight...
    My fridge is empty except for margerine which is nearly at its sell by.
    I have no drinks except two bottles of lucozade and two cartons of the orange juice I turn out not to like; I don't even have Ribena.
    I have no bread or breadlike stuff or breakfast cereal.

    Or toothbrushes. Those have run out.

    And it is the weekend before Christmas.

    Wow, that's totally going to be easy to fix. With no delivery slots available until after xmas. And every other human realising roughly the same thing with more trimmings.

    I do have a shelf full of pasta, a cupboard of sauces, and a freezer with both vegetables and quorn. Plus some microwave chips. I should check the use by on them though. There's also soup, but soup without bread is annoying.

    I won't starve, basically, I'll just be drinking water and eating leftover surprise.

    Except for the Christmas meal, which I invited mum for, which I'm still pretty sure I have all the parts for. Pretty sure. Probably.

    ... except for also they would be drinking water. And there's no cakelike course or anything.


    I will be leaving the house tomorrow to go view a house in Norwich, I shall have to deal with other humans then, possibly I shall go to shops on the way home?

    There's going to be a lot of humans around this week whatever I do.


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    1:19 am
    why do my neighbours suck so much?
    it is 0119. in the morning. normal people understand that this is not a loud music kind of hour.

    actually sometimes I start worrying they've secretly died and left the stereo on. that would be bad and then I'd feel bad for being annoyed at them. but so far that hasn't happened as far as I know.

    on the plus side I've had several hours of sleep already. on the minus side it's 0120 in the morning.

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    Saturday, December 20th, 2014
    9:25 am
    Agents of SHIELD 2-09
    The line between 'utterly tone deaf to race' and 'actually actively racist' is... I guess more of an overlapping venn diagram thing. But can't they at least see how stupidly cliche the role of Scary Black Man of the Week is? Read more...Collapse )

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    6:59 am
    Agents of SHIELD
    I'm really bad at quitting watching things.
    I watched 2-08 on 4oD yesterday, and it was not boring, but it was still annoying.
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    Mostly it is not interesting, and it is prioritizing the stories of white guys, even clearly and completely evil white guys, rather than spending time on any of the more awesome cast.

    I just feel sad they've chosen to use their hour a week on this. This isn't what I wanted and is frequently what I actively do not want.

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    Friday, December 19th, 2014
    8:40 am
    Decorating math problems
    There is wallpaper in the roundels and columns design color matched to the TARDIS console room of the 1980s.
    I want.
    Rolls are 52cm wide, and the TARDIS console room pattern they demonstrate it with goes like:
    column roundel roundel roundel column roundel roundel column roundel roundel roundel column
    12 widths of wallpaper, so you'd need 6.24m for that whole pattern.
    (Which would need 2 rolls of roundel and 1 roll of column, £35 each, for a £105 wall.)

    My long term plan for a house has different folders for Living Room and for Dining Room, because about half the houses I've looked at do that, but the other half are just one long living/dining room.

    So the flat I'm fiddling with numbers for today has a living room that both estate agents reckon is 6.40*3.63m

    The window is in one short wall, the door and radiators on one long wall.

    So that's one short wall and one long wall that are only interrupted by plugs.

    I could do the whole console room pattern. With a couple of inches to spare at the edges that could need filling in with color matched paint or could do something colorful or shiny to mitgate the grey.

    ... that would look grand.

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    Okay, boring hour before people get to the office is all done, now difficult hours of phoning people shall start.

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    Thursday, December 18th, 2014
    6:29 am
    Most wonderful time of the year
    It is December, and everyone is shutting down and going on leave for the holidays.
    Which is lovely for them, obviously, but it means I have not even the slightest chance of support until January 5th.
    I still get the cleaner. This year xmas has not interrupted the cleaner. I am very glad of this.
    But everything else? Give up until 2015.

    Not that I have 'support' anyway, I have some nice people at a charity willing but not on the whole able to go with me to view houses.

    I really, really, really miss when I had an employee.

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    4:30 am
    Shit, it did it again
    Firefox stopped moving, I ended it with the task manager, it came back and said 'well this is embarrassing' but only for like a second and then it went to my home pages instead of letting me get any/all of my windows and tabs back.

    So many windows. Soooooo many!

    ... which, I am aware, contributes to the crashing problem.

    So now I'm once again poking around in History, though the tab groups I made last time this happened helped quite a bit. Got my top three always on windows and groups open pretty quickly, it's just finding the things I was planning to read later and just had left open. Like some unread series on Ao3. I know you can bookmark series and tag them as unread, and I know you can subscribe which will tell you any new things, but is there even a way to Mark to Read a whole series? I know I could open the first one and mark it. I probably have for some things. It's just fiddlier.

    ... so many pages in the history. how do I read so many? ugh, now it's back to looking at all week. I'm sure it doesn't even have half the things. Like my shopping list at the sparkly gloves shop, that was all just open tabs. why so difficult?

    The ultimate solution is to get my computers fixed, I do know, but it ain't a great time of year for such endeavours.

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    Tuesday, December 16th, 2014
    6:06 pm
    Reasons I should not answer the phone while I need sleep this much:
    I just invited mum & sibling to my house for xmas.
    ... there is only room for three chairs because I turned the desk around. 'room' is generous. possibly two of those chairs can see the TV? also they had the bolts fall out before. I should check bolts before anyone else sits on them. there is no table for eatings at. maybe for one person? and a tray and my usual board.
    All food must be microwavable, since I only have a microwave.
    granted last year we more or less microwaved xmas, but the more or less is of concern.
    also mum has decided sibling can't eat quorn? all previous data suggests quorn eating has happened. last year I wrote down the xmas meal and quorn was consumed. still, could be problem. also half of quorn not go in microwave anyway.

    but the alternative is to go to mum's house, where the cat has learnt to open the doors, so I will be randomly exposed to allergens from the source depending on if it likes our food. also just standing in there on Saturday made my eyes prickle and my throat make little coughs. it is not so much nice. mum said she'd cover the furniture but I wasn't touching anything anyway just standing there. but maybe I'm over reacting and could just ignore it?

    except I wrote down about allergic reactions to stuff last year, so possibly not.

    so my house is better, except for the thing where I do not own a cooker, and don't quite trust the furniture.

    as long as muppet christmas carol happens then christmas has been achieved
    this I very probably can do.

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    11:35 am
    Household tasks achieved. Cleaner Day prepared for. Vacuum cleaning done for my half of the house. I will tolerate the cleaner doing the other half. Dishwasher is emptied and filled, and laundry is filled and running. which is a bit of an error because now it will be loud when the cleaner gets here, but I forgot to pause the routine just before pushing the start button, so, laundry happens.

    It is a perennial frustration that this with the loud and the yuck and the bending lifting cleaning stupid loud loud vacuum cleaner just remains just as difficult. It is the most difficult regular task I do. And it's just really annoying that difficult is even a word that applies to stupid tiny cleanering.

    Also today there is phoning and waiting. If there is too much waiting then it becomes useless to have phoned. But I can't do anything unless they contact me back to say go ahead.

    that is true of so many things its epic depressing to think about

    I think I like much better the dragons game. Much prettier.

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    9:21 am
    I hate using the phone, none the words sound right and I sound daft.
    Also nobody is ever on the other end of it when they say they are, yet their email works so poorly I'm meant to phone them to tell them I emailed.

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