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Sunday, October 23rd, 2016
10:44 am
Legends of Tomorrow is probably not trying for subtlety, in superpowers or anything else, but
it really bugs me that the super scary Pilgrim was such a lousy assassin
when her power could have been so *sneaky*.

She has temporal micro manipulation.
Which on the show means she can wave her hands around and stop attacks mid air, even turn them around sometimes.
It's big, it's showy, it's... such a waste of potential.

Look, even if the only thing you can do is stop time locally, even if there's a size limit on it so you can only stop something the size of a bullet without those big showy preparation required gestures
take a minute to imagine what you can do with
one bullet's worth of air
that cannot be moved.

It has no time passing, so it is in fact an immovable object.

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I just read another book that played with a simple time stop and how useful it was for assassinations. Different parameters, but a stopped target can't see you walking up to it.

Really, it was obviously cool to stop blasts of flame mid air and all that, but it's by far the least interesting thing you can do once the ability to stop time locally comes into play.

And as for aelectively reversing it...

I just get frustrated sometimes when spectacle is, for even good reasons, prioritised over logic
or cool.

... also, sometimes I take a look at the stuff my brain happily comes up with and just... oops?
Eh, I'm optimised for fiction, it's fiiiiiiine...

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10:18 am
nice new (couple month old) tablet computer is not behaving.
It took me three whole minutes to make it turn on just now and it seems to have been using power while it was shut down.
So, a rrip to the computer shop is in its near future.
I can't see how they could get into it to do anything though.
But if it won't turn on it's not much use.

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5:42 am
Dream: Quarantine
I dreamed I was on the Waverider and in the interests of saving as many lives as we could we filled our cargo hold with temporal natives and instituted a quarantine.
So far so good. I yelled at them, give it two weeks or more data about the incubation time of the plague that just got released, then we'll have you back to your lives.

But unlike a bomb, a plague release does absolutely nothing visibly
so they just got bolshy.
I checked the doors were all sealed. I checked repeatedly.
And then I found they'd bloody knocked a hole through the wall and were nipping out to feed their cows.
And great, they have a commitment to animals in their care, and an understanding of why the horsemen ride together, because not tending the food supply has consequences.
But, on the other hand,
bloody arsehole farmers had killed us all.

The weight of resentment and despair I woke up with I wouldn't wish on anyone.

And anger. Mustn't forget that.

People who break quarantine though: fuck those guys.

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Friday, October 21st, 2016
12:56 pm
i poked my finger on a drawing pin
so i put a plaster on it
but this way it can't work the touchscreen.
if i take it off though i'd get blood on the screen a bit.
this problem i had not anticipated getting new fancy pants screen.
but i has keyboard dock too and also am having some success just not using my index finger.
but ugh, technology
simples stuff like that shouldn't bork it.

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Thursday, October 20th, 2016
9:45 pm
Today did not work
I thought it was going to be Board Games Night, but when I got there they had decided to do board games at the previous meeting, which they had not told me existed at all, and tonight was Watch Ghostbusters. The old one with guys in. And it was going to cost a money.
So I didn't stay to do that.
It was annoying though, because they said they must not have my contact details, but they did because they texted me a month ago about the meeting then. So they just... hadn't sent a text. And had changed the plan. Without saying so. Which happens, and if they'd just said oops I wouldn't be annoyed much, but they didn't, so I have grumbly instead.
If they'd said in advance it was Watch A DVD then I'd have gone to dancing instead. Dancing is more interesting and reliable.

So then we did long shopping instead. ASDA had a nice duvet cover that will match my walls when I get the wallpaper done. Sainsburys didn't have stuff I wanted so much but it did let me order some for next week.

So now I'm done, and grumbly, but I have foods to eat so that'll be okay.

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
11:42 pm
I'm reading a thing from an actual screenwriter dude and it's increasingly bugging me
and I was trying to work out why
because it's first glance uncontroversial to say a protagonist should have both global and personal stakes.
Thing explains personal stakes are what make the audience emotionally connect, because easy to understand one small story and systems level is difficult.

But then I read the examples
and it's like
hero can't just hero because hero.
Cannot just do good because doing good is good to do.
Cannot just decide that if nothing we do matters then the only thing that matters is what we do.
Kindness is never its own reason.

To give them personal stakes the way this professional screenwriter is suggesting means the protagonist isn't doing things to help the world except coincidentally as a way of helping people he cares about.

And if this is dominant common sense for screenwriters then suddenly I understand why they keep making everyone Batman, because dead parents are the damsel you can never save.
Give them a living personal stake and the story gets stuck with a finite goal or a repetitive one. Give them relatable issues about the one they failed to save, and everything is personal forever, but never actually resolved.

So. Problem. Personal is not the same as important and making all the heroes only care because they're already involved makes them very small.
Plus the go to way of doing so involves fridging people a lot.

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11:34 pm
Science fiction group was two whole other people to talk to :-)
Also upstairs in the warm but loud section, because people were watching football in the usually cold quiet.

I should do more stuff so I have more varied conversation.

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10:08 am
My new shelving is capacious :-D
I have reshelved all my DVDs
I still have space.

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I actually have Enough Shelves!

:-D :-D :-D

... okay, that's more happy burbling than I tend to do about anything short of meeting stars, but, shelves! Worth every penny, and the wait. And they were a pretty penny, but, they're properly constructed and actual wood and a matching color and fit the corner and fit all my DVDs on them with room to grow.

*happy dance*

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2016
7:24 pm
DVD shelves :-)
My new shelves are here and installed
or whatever they call it when they put lots of screws in so they'll stay put.
They don't snug up to the wall the way they're meant to but they seem all square so probably it's the wall as isn't.
Which is mildly worrying
but fiiiiiine.

I thought I would get just two bookcases but these screw together to be a corner and have a fancy couple shelves on top that are corner shaped so nothing will fall down the corner
(though lets face it, something always falls down the corner.)

To install them the guy brought them in, moved literally every piece of furniture that is not the piano, even the one I said would break, and now it is wobblier I think but he thinks it needs a shim under a leg but I think the legs stay put and it's just wobblier in itself.
I think he did this in the wrong sequence because I said I could move the furniture and I meant 'into the other room if necessary' but no first he boxed us in then he wedged the door closed and then he started playing tetris with the shelves
because to put them together he had to stand behind them in a corner they are precisely measured to fit with no gaps
which, funnily enough, doesn't work.
So he had to make the corner A LOT bigger.

His job is clearly difficult.

Also, he put his power tools on my recliner, which didn't turn into a disaster, but clearly could have.

The shelves look plenty good though.
I have wiped them for dust and shortly will get one of the dusters and wipe them again, if I can find a duster.

Eventually I will put DVDs on them and then they will be DVD coloured, but at the moment, they are nice wood shelves that match my nice new furniture, and I'm just going to bask for a while in having Actual Proper Grown Up Furniture.

It did take a bunch of months though, so I don't know if I'll do it again the same.

Still: two metres tall in 8 layers shelves achieved

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3:47 pm
You know when things are right on that line between 'can stay up late for this' and 'yeah, no, take the four hour sleep, however interrupted'?
Think I made the wrong call on this 'stay up for shelf delivery' decision.
Except now it would be maaaaaybe two hours sleep, and the neighbours are watching something with singing, and the loud lifter thingy outside keeps being loud.

But very soon I should have nice new shelving for my DVD collection that should even be big enough.
I'm really looking forwards to that.
I can both shelve everything in satisfying order and get several square feet of floor space back.

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9:42 am
There is an alternate universe where I just got my brains splat by a car
cause I went out and dropped my shopping trolley
bent over to catch it
straightened up
and saw the car glide past right in front of me.

I went to the shops because I ran out of loo roll
which can't really wait until tomorrow night.
Should have got it yesterday.

shopping successful
but my opinion of my safety Outside on my own is mostly confirmed
though obviously I am not ghost posting so I'm basically okay.

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2:24 am
On Desire
I have been reading, and watching, and listening stories, and I have been thinking
and my thought is
Laurell K Hamilton books are better than I thought.

Yes, even the one I gave up after, where the detective part of the plot got forgotten about until the bad guys literally sent them a note about it at the end.

They are better because
I am sick of love triangles.

I mean, I'm especially sick of the weird little dance where a woman has to choose between two men without doing anything so forward as actually actively desiring them, and the contortions even erotica can go through to avoid a woman owning her own desires,
but right now I am most thoroughly annoyed how the only solution allowed when someone has much
is to want less.

Just, really? Really? This dance of assorted threes can be kept up for years, yet somehow that's only ever a bad thing?


Want *all* the loves!

Keep them!

Desire as much as pleases you and get your lucky, lucky hands on every last one!

And hey, maybe simplify the scheduling by having them want each other too. Efficient *and* pretty.

For goodness sake, when someone has a big speech about how 'there were always three people in this relationship' why don't they *ever* just buy a bigger house? It doesn't even have to be queer, though obviously my happy place has opinions on that. Just act like grown ups and make three people happy instead of one and a half miserable!

And, yes, continuing this pattern over multiple iterations does make leaving room for the plot a task for advanced writers, but for goodness sakes, it can hardly be more of a challenge than making every single relationship an unhappy love triangle, and the CW manages that pretty consistently.

I mean there's times where imposing monogamy makes absolutely zero sense within verse logic, like on Lost Girl where having to choose between two lovers still meant one of them would have to ignore all the other sex Bo was having, and left said sex substantially less convenient and more dangerous, yet necessary for feeding and healing purposes. Writing about a bisexual succubus who refuses to choose and yet imposing as close to sequential monogamy as possible on her happily ever after was nonsensical and vastly unsatisfying.

Choose everything! Be everything! Refuse to leave anyone out!

... *sigh* ...

I know, it's hardly likely to happen when we can't hardly ever get men kissing or women's relationships treated as relationships rather than throwaway eyecandy, and both are almost always tragedies

but really

so many possibilities that harm none
and yet culture so seldom goes there.

Fanfic is not exempt.
The one fic I read that decided someone's canon clumsy romantic overtures were actually on behalf of his sister was uniquely special
but I am so tired of the thing where we find out half the OTP is married
and instead of gleefully playing with new canon and what kind of OT3 we have here
we ignore it.

So many wonderful women screwed over by so much canon, do we really need to do it again just to queer the pretty?

Want everyone. Get to keep everyone. See how that can possibly work.
There's story in that for years.

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Monday, October 17th, 2016
11:43 am
Brave and Decisive
Today I went shopping and bought the things I went out for

First I went to the Library to get the Which Report and copied down the Best Buys in my price range
then I went to the shop and found out which ones they could sell me
and then I chose the one that has the brand Which says is Most Reliable.

This seems like a sensible method
even if it don't work out perfect
I have proceeded correctly.

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I am not a fan of New though
but this one is really supposed to be Improved
so xfingers

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4:20 am
I get frustrated when people blur actor and character lines
even when I know *canon* in fact does exactly that
and I do too with other characters.

Not helpful.

I guess it's partly because that way instead of a finite canon I now know
there's a whole lifetime of layered interlocking intertextual references
with an actor or two underneath.

I mean sometimes you know for certain the only reason a character has a wedding ring is that actor never takes theirs off
only if you're in the habit of reading interviews and behind the scenes stuff
and if you're actually just reading a text *as* that text then you still need a watsonian explanation.

But sometimes it's a habit among fans of reading a certain pair of actors as brothers
because that's what they were in that one famous thing.
And I know canon makes one say it isn't their first Prison Break and that is meant to be funny because show
but the line still makes perfect sense in context and in character
so the thing where I've actually had someone earnestly explain to me that I need to watch Prison Break to understand them and their dynamic is just
don't wanna
certainly don't haveta.

... but it might explain a relative dearth of shippers when the characters are on occasion So Married.
... or not, I mean, fandom and brothers can be... nope.

... actually one reason I don't want to watch stuff where their lookalikes are brothers is cause I ship them now so it would be weird.
... my line for Weird is maybe in a weird place.

It also vaguely bothers me when I can't see a pairing in canon
but then there's posts of the actors together in the tag
and, well, yeah... I see ...
and have you noticed how many actors have a sort of personal definition of personal space?
like, probably there are other people who are cuddly and snuggly and drape themselves all over their co workers
but from here
I just blink
and think

... or else feel guilty kind of low key rp shipping them.

but shipping the characters just because the actors get along seems weird.

though you know you can end up shipping characters who never meet, and possibly are in different universes with no possibility of source canon xover, so not all that weird.

back in attempting to read canon land
you know the interaction between star image and characters they're cast as is frequently intentional on the creator side
I know I read Rip Hunter slightly inflected with Rory Williams because Arthur Darvill
and that may be why it was a surprise so many people don't like him
because I've met one of him and seen another and he seems nice
oh yeah
different guy now.

So it's just sorting and prioritising different elements of readings.

But I still get weirdly frustrated
when other people blur lines
I don't.

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Sunday, October 16th, 2016
8:26 am
I'm having the kind of days where staring at the ceiling for a couple of hours, checking the internet, then doing the staring thing again
somehow takes up the whole day
while seeming pretty reasonable.

I mean I'm watching less than an episode a day and taking two days to read a children's book and staring at my Ao3 Marked for Later list in an unenthused way somewhere in there too, but activity levels are definitely at a minimum.

And the last three years since college seem to have been a dizzy blur of that too.

I think I should start writing a book just for something to do.

... which I have been thinking for some years now.

I don't know, it's taking me at least half an hour between deciding to get a drink and actually getting out of my chair to get a drink, writing a book is proportionately harder. maybe i'll get started any day now.

I'd call it an attack of the whats it all about reallys when you get right down to its, but that implies a bunch more thinking than seems to occur.

Still, whining about it on the internet is unlikely to help either.

*wanders off*

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Thursday, October 13th, 2016
11:13 pm
It is somewhere between weird and creepy how often people get my age wrong.
I mean, our current social obsession with youth suggests it ought to be flattering
but really
when do I graduate from being referred to as a Young Woman?

And I'm not complaining about a couple of years misapprehension, I mean I'm nearly 40 and people keep guessing me in my twenties.

I went to my twenty year high school reunion, and that wasn't even this year.
I stopped using hair dye and styled my hair specifically to show my nice silver shinies.
And yet, still young.

Especially in the context of employing someone because disability.
It's like if we need assistance we're permanently at the kids table.

It's weirdly wearying to remind people of my actual age.

And, granted, I spent half a decade being twenty nine again, but I got ober that before even meeting the latest round of people.


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9:59 pm
Dancing day
I did Bollywood Sparkles dancing and did not have to have a sit down except when it was sitting down time

Then we did ASDA shoppings and the Five Alive was in stock, so I have twelve as intended
And Sainsburys shoppings worked too, because the food I ordered was indeed there, so I have apple thing to eat again :-D
Plus I maybe found a trousers. Trousers are difficult so I bought them but I'm not sure. They say Short because Regular went on the floor but I don't know if Short will be too short. I can take them back later if they don't work. But they're grey on grey pinstripe in an acceptable texture and autumn/winter weight, so they're pretty promising so far.

Pretty good day.
And plans for next week were made also :-)

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2016
7:27 am
Am nearly done transcribing The Flash episode Rogue Time (as in putting in descriptions and names and stuff, most of the words are in another transcript file already)

I had to take a rage break to sputter about 'lightning psychosis'
because at some point the writers decided that faking a mental illness was a get out of plot consequences free card
and something a hero would do.

Also, while googling for 'lightning psychosis' only gets you the Flash, and is a bad phrase, googling for 'lightning symptoms' will quickly show you there are in fact psychological and neurological consequences to being struck by lightning, which often acts pretty much like a traumatic brain injury and has consequences that are *very* real and real people have to deal with them.
http://lightninginjury.lab.uic.edu/psycho.html http://www.lightningsafety.noaa.gov/medical.shtml

So we have several layers of fail at once. Using a wrong phrase when a right one is available, faking brain damage just to get out of consequences of hitting on your sister again, and the writers thinking that mental illness only gets you good and ignorable consequences. I mean, Barry's a CSI, does he have to testify in court sometimes? Could lawyers say he has a mental illness and is making things up? Like, that wouldn't be fair, but. Might his coworkers think his mental illness makes him less reliable than his already flaky fortean public image? Might people, you know, care at all, ever, after this one minute conversation?

But no, the writers decide to fake a mental illness so Barry just gets hugs instead of having to apologise.

Rage isn't a precise description of the ongoing frustration of use of mental illness in the media, but, sputtering and sighing ensue.

I can't figure out if they didn't do the research or didn't care.
Well either way they didn't care, but, you know.

Okay, this topic is done, I have like three minutes of episode still to type names on, I'll go do that.

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12:21 am
Where did you all go?
And do I need an invite?

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2016
2:40 pm
Alphabetising is more fiddly than you'd think
I have been trying to get my books into alphabetical order.
I know it's not going to work properly until I can unpack the boxes, which I can't do until I can reshelve the DVDs, which I can't do until the new shelving is delivered
which hopefully should be next week, if I remember what the shelf guy just said correctly.
He was just now here to borrow a drawer so he can try and match color
though it won't be exact, because different and much cheaper wood.
well it'll be DVD colored by the time I've put them all in.
... getting the drawer out he pulled the drawer beneath and grabbed a chunk of CDs. 'It don't matter if I muddle them up, does it?' ... yes, yes it does, rather. There are several hundred CDs, and they're all in order. Why... why did you do that... *sigh*
... he actually put them back in order though, so that's okay.
Books though... each individual bookcase is more or less getting to be in alphabetical order
the collection as a whole definitely is not.
Not enough shelves, many books still boxed, discovered Brooks hiding behind Pratchett.

The Pratchett collection is a distinct problem al its own, since I got it in hardback since... long and long and long ago. I need several meters more hardback shelving than I currently have, I suspect. Or to rearrange the adjustable shelves in the bedroom, but that means taking all the books off them first, and that means putting them somewhere, and I'm quite out of floor space until the DVDs are back vertical.

Also so many of these books I've never read, so I just keep finding myself resenting the shelf inches, whilst trying to fit everything in. I should read them and save space. Except last time I set out to do that so many of them in a row were nasty that I went off reading for a while.

I need to get the dust out more effectively. I've wiped and dusted with the whatsit, but the back of my throat is reacting to several summers long gone. Books are darling little dust traps *sigh*.

This keyboard that came with this new tablet computer does weird things. Jumps, selects stuff I didn't mean to, helpful stuff like that. I think it's acting as if I've tapped the trackpad, but I've been being careful of my hands and don't think I have. It's a pain in the neck if I want to get anything done though. Still, I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Cleaner day happened, Vacuum Floor is still in theoretical progress, and my week is just... so exciting.

Ah well, onward.

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